Fate Matters Most

Anna's country is in deep debt, so the King has a lottery with all the women in the country. Three were selected to marry the neighboring countries three princes. Anna is chosen, but doesn't want to leave her boyfriend, William. What does she do?


1. The King

         "Sir, we don't have enough money in the vault to pay for your in-ground pool and marble statue." Rudy the King's assistant said nervously. The Kings reaction wouldn't be good.

          "Then tax the people more you fool!" King Dannan shouted, his face was turning red and a vein on his forehead was popping out. 

           "I tried, but nobody has any money left, the banks have begun to evict everyone." Rudy replied, he was now shaking. 

           "Rudy! You're telling me that we are completely out of money!" The King had stepped out of his chair but one of his guards got him to sit back down again.

            "I'm sorry sir, but yes. We could sell some of your other statues, or lay off some of your many maids and butlers." Rudy suggested 

               "HOW DARE YOU SUGGEST SUCH A THING!" The King screamed

               "I'm sorry sir, it was just an idea," Rudy whimpered.

                "We shall think this over later, bring in the messengers." Rudy scuttled away, and three dignified looking men walked in each bearing letters.

      "Sir, you're mother says hello and wants to know about you're Christmas plans." The first one said, the king flicked his wrist and that messenger left the room.

    "The King of the Mighty Jarang to the north says 'Guess What ChickenButt'" The second said, the king burst into laughter and the messenger left.

       "The King of the Great Bunga to the east says 'My sons are looking for beautiful brides, we will pay you with lots of gold if you send three girls for them to marry."

      "THAT'S THE SOLUTION! RUDY GET IN HERE!" The King screamed

       "Yes sir?" Rudy whimpered.

        "Gather the names of all the eligible females in the country and place them in a bowl, draw three of the names. They will become princesses." The King stated.

        "Yes sir, right away." He ran off and the King sat with a smug look on his face.








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