Fate Matters Most

Anna's country is in deep debt, so the King has a lottery with all the women in the country. Three were selected to marry the neighboring countries three princes. Anna is chosen, but doesn't want to leave her boyfriend, William. What does she do?


2. The announcement

    "Anna honey, on your way home from William's can you fetch some eggs for us." Mother called to me.

     "Of course." I finished pulling on my cloak, grabbed my bag and left for Williams house. William has been my boyfriend for two years now, and I couldn't wait to see him for he'd been working for the past three weeks. On my way, I noticed a new message on the town memo board;

The King of Bunga has asked for three brides for his three sons. The following girls have been chosen, if you are one of them please be packed in three days time.

1. Joanne Detrick

2. Juniper Adams

3. Anna Michaelson

    I felt my eyes began to tear up, and a lump in my throat grew. I turned and ran the rest of the way to Williams house. I knocked on the door and he answered, I jumped into his arms, and held him there for what felt like forever.

    "Anna honey what's wrong?" He asked pulling away slightly.

     "I...I....Marry.....Prince....Bunga..." I tried to explain but I couldn't get the words out. Instead of talking I just pulled him to the memo board which wasn't too far from his house. 

     "WHAT! They can't force you to marry another guy!" He said, William was almost in tears. We walked in silence back to his house, his parents died a year before, so he lives on his own. When we arrived back, William pulled a small box out from his pocket.

     "What is that?" I asked through tears, though I pretty much knew already.

      "I was working so much, so I could buy this. I was going to propose." He opened the box and inside sat a glistening diamond ring. "I just want to know, would you have said yes?"

      "I would've said yes about a million times." I smiled, but the pain was still there. We walked back to my house to have supper, stopping at the market on the way. 

      "Sweetie, I saw the notice, are you alright?" Mother asked when we got back.

      "No I'm not alright I have to marry a stranger in a strange new country, and I have literally no say in it whatsoever!" I yelled, William pulled me close and I calmed down. The next three days past so quick, they felt like just a day.


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