obsessed ↠ l.h



the state of being obsessed with someone or something.

the fact he was obsessed with her was not the only thing odd about him.


1. cheese.

A recent police report released, confirmed that the neoteric bludgeoning murders outside the Concorde and the ones by Preston Park are linked together. Officer Bailey was interviewed about this case and he stated, “The police is unable to release any further information, regarding the murders. But we can confirm we have suspects.” Some people over the social media have been claiming to believe these were works of the notorious seller killer known as L.H.B. Police are yet unaware of this killer’s identity and only have knowledge on how L.R.H is always carved onto the victims skin. However, on this crime scene, the letters were carved else where on the crime scene. Further information will be reported as soon as it is released. - The Argus, Brighton.



She sighed heavily, creating a cloud in front of her as her eyes raked the words. There was a serial killer on the loose, in her town and no one had any idea of who it was. It could be her father for all she knew. She put the paper aside and sipped her coffee, her hands tightly wrapped around the mug to keep her warm in the glacial weather. The wind swept her hair across her face and she struggled to keep her vision free from strands of her obsidian coloured hair. Every move she made was as quiet as a ballerina’s, despite never having those lessons as a child. Her footsteps were quieter than a mouse as she walked along the pavement, the uneven curls of her hair bouncing and intertwining with each other due to the wind. She reached the doorstep of her house and she rung the doorbell. 

“Aaliyah! You’re home.” A female, who looked nothing like her answered. Her cheekbones were prominent and her hair framed her face as brunette waves. Her olive skin matched with her green stare and she stood, smiling. She didn't block the door frame. She wasn't tiny. She was a normal size; a healthy size. “I missed you.”

“I was gone for two hours, Cara.” Aaliyah rolled her eyes at her friend who over exaggerated almost everything. Cara huffed and returned into the warmth of their home and Aaliyah followed, shutting the door behind her. The two discussed what had come in the mail that morning, it wasn’t much. Bills, ads, etc. The usual. It was a typical Sunday - a lazy, do nothing, waltz around in your pyjamas Sunday. 

Aaliyah made her way over to the fridge to make a snack and her shoulders slumped when her alluring earthen eyes fell upon nothing she could use. “We need to go shopping, we have practically nothing and we can’t eat out again.” For the past two weeks, they’d been ordering anything and everything from different places. Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Nandos - you name it, they’d had it. The habit had gotten so bad that they were losing out financially too, so they hadn't a choice but to shop and cook. 

Cara dragged out a long sigh, “But that means putting appropriate pants on.” Nevertheless, they both changed and walked down to the bus stop. Both girls had a driving licence but neither could afford a car. They’d both agreed that a bus was more environmentally friendly and they weren't missing out on much anyway. Buses that weren't used often shouldn't be trusted in their city, though as their bus was meant to approach at 12:32PM and it arrived at 1:15PM. Both in bad moods, they scanned their cards and got on the bus. The ride was long and consisted of Cara rambling on about everything she could think of and Aaliyah hopelessly nodding along and being forced to listen. The torture came to an end when they hopped off at their stop and went to the store to shop. Grocery shopping with Cara was a struggle as she’d grab everything she saw which she liked or thought she’d like and Aaliyah had to secretively put some of the things back as they couldn't afford that much food. Cara rarely ever noticed, with the amount she grabbed. It wasn't her fault; she just got overexcited. They didn't do this often. It was obvious Aaliyah was the more independent and responsible out of the two, despite being two years younger than Cara and physically smaller. 

Grabbing all the things necessary and unnecessary, the two made their way to the counter. With too many items to join the self check out queue, they waited in the normal one.

“This literally takes forever, no wonder we don't do it often.” Cara whined, slouching her shoulders down. Aaliyah rolled her eyes and stood on her tiptoes to look around, aimlessly. Her eyes landed on a tall stranger. He was staring at her. She dropped the heels of her feet back to the ground and shuffled around, gulping. She could suddenly feel his stare on the side of her head as she fiddled with her hands. Cara pushed their trolley forward as the queue progressed and Aaliyah shifted to cower behind her. All she hated was attention, especially from a stranger. He had no reason to be staring at her and Aaliyah felt immensely uncomfortable under his gaze. She hadn’t time to take in his appearance as she had quickly shifted her eyes away from his but she had noticed how unbelievably tall this man was. In her mind, the faster she paid for her shopping, the faster she’d leave the store and the closer she was to being away from his nerve-wracking stare. 

“Aaliyah, we forgot the cheese,” Cara let out a sigh and faced her friend who was staring at her small hands. 

Desperate to escape from the male stare on her, she looked up, “I’ll go get it. What type of cheese?”

“Grated cheese?” Cara rose an eyebrow.

“No, I mean- forget it.” Aaliyah shook her head and exited the queue, jogging over to the fridges which stored milk, butter and cheese. She reached the aisle and was faced with various types of grated cheese. After reading the different types of cheese; Red Leicester, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Parmesan, she sighed and picked up Cheddar and Mozzarella. How was she meant to know what Cara preferred? They never spoke about cheese.

“Go for Mozzarella,” A husky voice from behind her startled her out of her thoughts. She looked beside her and there was a tall man, looking down at her. It was the same guy from earlier. The one who made her uncomfortable with his stare.

“Um, why?” She frowned. He didn’t have a name tag and so didn’t work in the store. He was dressed simply in some skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Aaliyah hadn’t dared to look at his face, yet. 

“It melts easier and its just, y’know. Better.” He shrugged his broad shoulders and took it out of her hands. She caught a glimpse of his hands. They were large, to say the least. His fingers were home to rings and he had a small tattoo on the side of his left pinkie which she managed to see. It was the letter L. Aaliyah immediately knew it most likely held meaning for him and probably symbolised a person. 

 “Oh, okay. Thank you.” She nodded, holding her tinier hands out so he'd give her back the cheese. Finally, she looked up and met his eyes which were a pale blue, kind of like the sky on a not so sunny day. She caught the small black ring looped around his lip and it made her heart tingle. She loved piercings, she had a nose ring. He was extremely good looking but she didn't have time to take in his face and really enjoy it as she quickly thanked him and ran back to Cara who was waiting impatiently for her as the cashier scanned their groceries.

"You took forever, like some killer was petrifying you." Cara muttered after they had paid and were carrying their groceries to the bus stop. Aaliyah shrugged and bit her lip, staring at the road.






hope 2 god ppl read this, hope 2 god it wasn't shit not much happened but u know, it will !!!!

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