Undertale Part 1

the title says it all


2. Chapter 2

" Fool in this world its kill or be killed why would anyone pass up an opportunity like this?" the bullets surround you.

"DIE" Flowey laughs evilly suddenly the bullets stopped and you were healed Flowey is knocked away by a fire and a goat lady? appears.

"What a terrible creature torrchering such a poor innocent youth ah do not be afraid my child I am Toriel caretaker of the RUINS." you trust her for some reason she feels like a motherly figure she leads you to a stairway you see a glimmer near the leaves The shadow of the RUINS looms above filling you with DETERMINATION. you then go upstairs to a room with buttons and a lever.

"The RUINS are full of puzzles."  Puzzles? you like puzzles there fun you and Toriel move to the next room.

" To complete this puzzle you must trigger several switches dont worry i have labeled them." you see some arrows pointing to a lever and a note "Please press this switch- Toriel" is what it says you press it then move on to see 2 more levers one with arrows pointing to it and a note similar to the one before and one blank you press the one with the arrows pointing to it.

"Ah very good you are very good." as Toriel leaves the room you try to press the other lever but ... it dosent work

so you move on to the next room this room is a corner room with a dummy in it... thats it.

" As a human living in the underground monsters may attack you you will need to be prepared." makes sense.

" Dont worry its simple when you encounter a monster you will enter a FIGHT when you are in a FIGHT strike up a friendly conversation practice talking to the dummy." Thats it for this chapter see you in the next one.

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