Undertale Part 1

the title says it all


1. Chapter 1

  You wake up in a bed of yellow flowers and are wondering what happened you`re hurt so you use your emergency bandage you also find a stick next to you so you pick it up you notice a pathway in the darkness so you follow it you come to a doorway you cant see up ahead so you go through you see a flower and ... it has a face?

"Howdy I`m Flowey, Flowey the Flower." your surprised it can talk but you listen ( your mute so you cant interrupt it even if you wanted to )

"Hmm... your new to the underground arn`cha? Golly you must be so confused." the underground? you`ve never heard of such a place so you are confused.

"Someone ought to teach ya how things work around here I guess little old me will have to do ready? here we go!" a heart glows red on your chest.

"See that heart that is your SOUL the very culmination of your being your soul starts off weak but can grow strong if you gain lots of LV." LV? you wonder what that stands for.

" Whats LV stand for why LOVE of course you want some love dont you." even if you could respond you wouldn't know what to say.

" Dont worry ill share some with you here LOVE is shared through little white friendliness pellets." ... ok?

" Move around get as much as you can." You got them but they only hurt you and Flowey`s face has turned very menacing.

Ok guys and gals thats the end of chapter 1 I hope you liked it. 

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