Just a small text i made in class


1. Desire


Tobi was a 14-year old little boy, he liked the colors Pink, Blue & Purple, he also really liked stars.

Tobi was alone at school and only had one friend, Sally who was his little cat, Tobi’s parents was always busy with their jobs, so whenever he got home from school he was alone with Sally in the big house.

Tobi always questioned his sexuality, but it all changed this year he liked this guy in class, “Damien” one day he told Damien “i like you”, but got turned down.

Damien told everyone at school, and Tobi ended up getting beat up, When Tobi got home, his parents stood in front of the door, Tobi walked up to his parents.

Dad slapped Him, and told him “How dare you, Do you know how much you disappointed us?!”, His mom cried and ran in, With Dad walking away right after.

He ran with full speed, just wanting to run away from reality, this is not what he wanted.

He stopped up right in the middle of the road, thinking he just wanted to start over.

Suddenly he heard a loud noise behind him, it was a car at max speed.

Tobi got hit, He laid lifeless on the road, He couldn’t move, He cried knowing it was now over.

He couldn’t tell his parents, He was sorry for being a disgrace and a mistake to them,

He was sorry He couldn’t be straight even after how much he tried, He was sorry he couldn’t be “normal”.




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