Innocence of the blue lagoon


8. Chapter 9

I go to my lovely room.  Auntie’s house is like a 5 star Indian hotel.  One letter is from the girl who asked advice. She has sent me the nicest box of chocolate to my address.  I turn on the music and start opening my email. Her friend has written to me saying she is married and is happy with one fellow but is not satisfied sexually. Ling sex was a disappointment. It’s a common problem.  I write back saying that is normal as both are Virgins. Nothing to be alarmed about. It will get definitely get better with time. 

Another is from Jim saying he is coming to town. Another of my defactos. I have already introduced you to VLK, Laxmikanth, Suri, Matt, Mark.  I will be in time to see him. I plan to surprise him. He will be elated when he sees me.  One look from me dressed as a gypsy and he will have had his sex. He writes saying he is beginning to miss me.  I look different to each fellow.  I change completely. I can mutate and change with very little effort.  It’s like each has a different girl friend. As King , I have made each of their dreams come true.

A few season’s greetings and a cookery book of all the latest Chinese Malay food. 

There is a letter from the world council.  They write to me saying I am 28 and will notify me when that changes and my international height is 5 feet 9 inches in the category medium tall. I can stop being 51 as my work has ended. They mention that my real age by international standards is just 17.I look different ages to different people and at different times. Do you know the air you breath can transform you and the atmosphere can make you look a different height. Part of going through a cosmetologist.  I looked 16 at my thinnest in 2014. 

I get a phone call. Nicholas, my 7th defacto needs help with his niece.  I agree to help even though I know it is going to be difficult. I give him my landline number, a more secure line. A meeting is arranged for pre Christmas day.  I prepare medication I know I will need and ask Uncle to test it out.  Auntie says she will do it. Raghav Murthi, my 8th defacto calls.  He is a very open person and Australian. Says he needs sex. I promise to go over to his place when I get back to town. I ask him to check up on the kids as he lives close by.  He gets all the addresses of where the kids are staying and says he will leave now.

Terri Haines ( also known as Hi, another person also called Hi)  is in China on official work.

My friend Revati has called. She has left voice mail saying she has finally  finished her residency and has got a job at the Hospital. She had started as my assistant at the Hospital when i worked as a General Practitioner.  I call her up and we chat for a while. I ask after her husband KNS.  Oh.....! He is still in love with after all these years. I smile.  I had advised them on how to apply for their American citizenship years ago.  And tell her about the get taller project. Its free I tell her. You will get just a bit of a stomach ache when you take it.  I give her a contact number and tell her they will give them other details of what they have to do.

When I first came here, I was told to make myself useful and give a project. I looked at the file and said what do I know about?  Nothing but they know even less about sex. Start with a Hi or a hello to this list of people and see if they begin to understand. And so I did.  A few, no matter what I did, still did not get it. Their idea of sex is I raced that boat. Did you win? Na but we came 2nd with a smile.  As I said you cannot tell age by looking at a person. And age can be changed at the hospital to suit the role you are playing. My 10th defacto is my name sake cousin Blake. A defacto means genuine domestic relationship. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual.  He keeps track of my men. All of them can handle themselves. I was introduced to the full sex set  only recently.

Nowadays you can get citizenship for the asking. Just go to the offices of the country and request. You will be given the citizenship. Everything is fast tracked.

Nowadays you can get citizenship for the asking. Just go to the offices of the country and request. You will be given the citizenship. Everything is fast tracked.

Auntie introduces me to Sharon Auntie. She is 35 and a relationship specialist.

She has heard about my being an Aerospace engineer and asks if I can give a talk at her place next week. I have made my money and am semi retired now, so I agree.

Can I bring my children along ?

Sure why not, plenty of families are invited and we will be having brunch. Come early. Can you make the talk about 1 hour.

Yes of course. More that, everyone will get fidgety.

She gives me her number.

Her husband has been given the task of getting a gathering for the talk.

A few days later I call her.


Yes love

Can I ask you something


I have 10 defactos. Is it wrong or unethical ? I am a Brahmin

No dear,

You are dating and what you do is by no means sex.  You have no effect on them or they on you.

Hm.. Yes now I remember. That’s true.

One day you will marry one of them.

A million years from now I say and I laugh

I feel relieved.  I had forgotten about the fact that we singles have no effect on others.  It’s friendship, not sex. Some attraction is normal. Means nothing.

I thank her. But I don’t agree with her.  There is no attraction. There is friendship for someone I know and have seen for many years now.

I argue with her and convince her otherwise.

She repeats,  You are dating and what you do is by no means sex.  You have no effect on them or they on you.

I agree.Yes now I remember. That’s true. I like beautiful things.


She says Some people feel that way, because the person reminds them of a friend or a display model.

No worries, even married people get confused sometimes.

I am feeling relieved. It’s friendship. Helps to clear the air. We are all human and it’s natural to feel.

I saw Jim yesterday and spent the whole day with him. Besides it’s a hot day but there is a cool breeze near the beach front.  And my car has been taken away by someone.  I can’t get home in this heat, though he wouldn’t mind. I don’t fancy walking home in 40 deg C heat. Almost everyone I know in the community is there.  I chat with most of them.

I am looking forward to the get together. I love giving talks and besides she is catering food from my favourite restaurant.  Though I cook well, I like eating somebody else’s for a change. Also a weekend out for the kids. She has asked me to stay over. I am pleased.  They own a hotel and the venue is a function room there. She has given me the presidential suite. You and your kids need it.

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