Innocence of the blue lagoon


4. Chapter 5

When there is a living for ever and one can live for a million years, 51 is very young. 

I have just arrived here to live in this farm house. My work keeps me busy.

I am getting ready to go to Auntie’s place. I am all excited. I am going to talk about Expansion of the Blue Lagoon. I called Aunty.

Aunty …….

Yes Wagga Wagga, (Thats  my Nick-name- Adivasi  Wagga Wagga)

Can I sometimes  come and use your Veranda  . 

I know it’s on this street.

Sure, of course.

I am leaving today. Already?

Have some work.  

(My work has kept me busy last 2 years and i haven’t been able to socialise.)


Can you leave a Note and a address,

when I am back.

No rush !

 I do have  a place to stay for now. 

I do need milk though . 

Sure !

Oh Aunty ! You are ever so  neighbourly

Aunty, I will be back in time for your get together. By the way, how do I dress?

Dress fancy. 

Great! I am excited. Any singles ?

Sure ! Smile.  Some of your future friends will be there. You will like VLK.

Who is VLK , I wonder

Anyways I will see VLk, at the party next week. 

........ A week later

Auntie true to her word has arranged for milk to be dropped off at my door step.

My travel has been satisfactory.  I am pleased. I am getting ready for the party, in this laid back farm house community.  It’s part of a big city but most people rarely travel to the down town business area. A lot of part time jobs with a lot of flexibility.  I am getting ready for the party.

I have dressed well in my favourite colour, deep red and dark blue. With matching Velvet low cut heels and wearing my diamond necklace and bracelet.  All set to go.  I am being picked up and dropped off. Not that I drink. And auntie’s parties are alcohol free.  She does serve the nicest sparkling drinks though. Non –alcoholic alcohol I call it.

I have arrived at Aunty’s farmhouse. She does not live on an estate like me.Its bigger than my house though.  She gets a caretaker take care of it.  Uncle sees me and welcomes me with open arms.  They are friends of friends of my mom and dad. They treat me as though I am family.  I smile.

Looking forward to meeting VLk. Is it the business man VLK I met on flight when I was training to be an Air hostess cum pilot?  Its been years.  I keep an I eye on the door to check out the arrivals.  Auntie introduced me to  a few and they are introducing me to the rest.  I am being made to feel at home. 

I recognise the guy who had a  Christmas party when I lived at Applecross, for everyone on the street. Helped us get aquainted. He said it was a family tradition.  I am just happy to listen to the conversation. A group of people are chatting away. Drinks and finger food are being passed around.

I am getting plenty of compliments on my attire.  I take it all with a smile. Also plenty of second looks.  I am beautiful. I know that. After all I have been Ms Universe for many years now.  I have put on a bit of make up suitable for a night party. And the weather is cool, which is how I like it. Ms Universe is also about nature.  Not just beauty.I have doubts about my self image since we don’t have mirrors in the house I live in.  But I know I am exceedingly beautiful, ethereally so.  Are you good kind etc. The category that comes up top notch is popular. 

Vlk walks in. He looks familiar.  Still very handsome.  I recognise him. I doubt he will recognise me. He sees me and doesn’t even change expression. Hm... I think, he handles himself well. I have heard he is a Bachelor just as I am a Bachelorette.  I am not enamoured of beauty but I do love beautiful things, and that includes people.  He is quite tall. That sets him apart.  I myself am a nice height 5 feet 9 inches tall. I have seen him at Mullaloo 6 where i go for my daily walks.  He comes for his daily swim. I remember him when I worked with him as a Doctor.He is the nicest of persons and a business man too. Heard he made his money.  People do tend to chat in villages.  Its all friendly. Wonder what they are saying about me. I am slender , medium tall but slim ? Na! Too much of a mesomorph for that.


I am telling my group of newly found acquaintances about how I got a Jack fruit in pollachi, India.They find it very interesting. Hm.... !  This finger food is so good.


Love is in the air tonight

It’s a day to remember. I am energetic for my slim figure

Going incognito

Would love to live in a satram. I do so. It’s a Kutiram I live in.

Enjoying my lone life. Among others

Are you loansome tonight ? Are you friendly tonight ? There is something in the air tonight, a night to remember JAre you lonely tonight

Or are you just lonesome tonight. You are a girl stud. You don’t even understand the meaning of the word.

Girl stud is girl ADFA + SAS + a Cover girl Model. 

And as a Brahmin, I do not do sex on the go. J

Wonderful that’s great

Are you wonderful tonight

Me I interact I just don’t interface , all appropriate I do interactions on the go.

All those women and career girls on the go, somebody is saying.

Get a bit of training

I have to train again sigh! To display my perfect figure.  Strive to keep the body that way all day

Arthur is asking me about the underground city I live in. I wax eloquent. I give him a free pass to the place and also passes to Hotel accommodation.

Vlk joins in. I am pleased.  He is popular from what I see. Why wouldn’t he be. He is as nice as he is charming.  And by that I mean genuinely nice.I introduce myself. If he recognises me, he is not letting on.  We get chatting and I find as always we get along great. 

I talk about Expansion of the Blue Lagoon and he says he will help. Meet me on Mullaloo 6 on the full moon day. There are all day festivities on the Moon Dance day.  I agree.

Somebody is telling a joke from the laughter club set.

“. I am never leaving the family dad. You can stay! We are all leaving. Wow ! home less indeed”

So what do you do Katherine ?  Mala is asking me

 I design space crafts. And I practice as a Doctor. My registration is still active. I also contribute to the local newspaper under the name Asha Mohini.

That’s interesting.. you must give a presentation on it some day.

So I am all set up for a talk 3 months from now.

You are a Hindu ? A true Christian.  Talk turns to religion. They tell me about a nice church and a temple in the neighbourhood. I am interested.  Part of connecting to the community.

I fancy VLk. I always have.  But there is no rush. After all there is a living for ever. We can romance each other for a Million years before we date.

He tells Martha about the fact that he is looking for accommodation.  I tell him about my bread and breakfast inns.  It would suit his lifestyle as he tends to travel a lot. I give him my business Manager’s card and tell him to contact him if interested.

Auntie is asking me to stay over. I agree as my home is a fair distance away. She leads me to a group of women and men of different age groups. The talk turns to children.

Raising kids was easy, I say  except for the one scare as teenagers That was a long sequence. The muck was minimised. No good no bad concept they are taught. At this or future point in time. They nod.  They understand the part about no good, no bad.

No more Chaperoning. Phew !  says a lady

What a worry some task!

Everyone agrees. 

You haven’t married ? Somebody asks

No! I have been too busy. But I am semi retired now

How did you have your kids ?

By a no dad process

Ah........  You must explain it to me

I did and they decided to put in the interesting facts book under category children.

So you are both mum and Dad

No I found a family that supports me and the men in their family play dad.

Its called gypsy style and they found it very interesting. We as a family travel together as we are nomadic

How long have you been here ?

3 years

Hm... Haven’t seen you

I have been kind of busy.

There is no such thing as true retirement, says a guy

Yes true, everyone agrees.

But the pace of life is wonderful.

I agree. 


Maybe I made an impression on VLk. If so, he is not letting on.

He is moving around, giving patient replies to medical questions and business questions. After all he is a successful business man. Also helping himself generously to finger food. He always did have a huge appetite. A hulk of a man.

I am a permanent 28, after being to the cosmetologist recently. There is no such thing as aging. Some people wanted to look 40 at my clinic. It’s my cosmetologist business. A lot of expert advice is given before a decision is made.  I leave my cards on the table.  A lot of people are showing interest.  Also flyers about Mullaloo 4 (Blue Lagoon) and  travel on a space craft. For the price of a Cruise ship.

I pick up a few easy to cook recipe books. And a few fiction books.

There are cards offering training, in cooking among other things. I fill out the expression of interest form.

Auntie and Uncle are looking pleased. Their party is being a success

An announcement is made

Dinner served in 30 minutes. Buffet / Smorgasbord  style.  The theme is Italian, Mexican.

The City of Banff boasts one of the most modern Hospitals.I ask VLk if he works there. He said yes , as a Consultant. He moves away. I am a  little disappointed but I am taken away to be introduced to the Hollywood director. They tell him I am an actor.  We get talking.  Do you live here, I ask.

Yes I do.  I love the peace and quiet here. I look through the corner of my eye for VLk.  I am told Vlk is thinking of dating  a long time friend.  I keep my cool.  If it’s meant to be, it is meant to be.  I am sure she is a nice lady.  Besides I don’t chase men, they chase me.  Vlk looks even more handsome. He is not aware of how good looking he is.  I am determined to get him.  Now that I have finished raising children and they are all taking care of themselves on my estate. I buy this City of Banff and that includes this beautiful estate. I leave the running of it to others.  When I first came here in 2012 I did not understand a thing about this place. It was patiently explained to me.

I can hear bits of conversation.

Somebody is sayingTravel ( sigh)  When will it ever come ?

 Beam ! Never ! Who will leave Mama,  to go to Singapore,

I will do that Project! And that will make me the richest in the land !

Enough for me J 

Ah….. Bunabury  …. I dream…here I come.…..  those …… places known only to the locals.

Hm  !!!

Best not to give places names,  That place somewhere ! Everyone fought over it.

Don’t know what happened to it. So the most asked question here is, where Are we ? 

I don’t know anything, I don’t know anything. …. The kids are singing. 

I look around. Ah….. those  finger sandwiches are so tempting.

I go grab some.  There’s plenty.  They are all vegeterranian !

You telling me! I think. I am bemused.  Of course they are vegetarian.

Hmm…. Who says I can’t coo !  ( Code word for cook ) Actually

Act as though you are normal dumb. Otherwise ( sigh) , so much work!

So much work ! 

With all these story (s) to write,  my head is all right. And it is a cool day today.


Look – already in that corner. I am not going Mom!  I will get a , Doctorate here itself !

Started already !  Whose that thing there ?  Oh that, does some art and craft, silly things,

Like u and I can do better, better than you, better than you.

Thing indeed !

Ahh…. !The man of my dreams ! Tutti Fruiti anybody ?  I move with quick alacrity. Now that’s one I can never refuse.  Help myself to one.Looty Looty, I think to myself, what a wonderful world…….!

Of course the finger sandwiches would be small.  Look ! There is tuti fruiti. The child agrees !  And soon we will get pakoras ! Just one each ! Can only make them today !Na ! Not alloweeed ! 

What a pity. Idli dosa, pongal, vada, amma …… thali…….,  dandalu…….., annam ….. annam…….

Pickle and pakori…….

I forgot , badhjees, bajjis…..?  na !  nevre nevre ! what a pity ! how about a betel leaf pan instead ! What’s a pan ?( Singing and everyone paused and listens to the lovely voice )

I thought dinner was Italian/ Mexican. 

Somebody brought in all these entrees .Dinner is delayed by an hour.

I just join a group.

Ha !  (must be a greeting !)


Thought you would never come here. ( Whatever that means !)

I leave my small gifts in the corner for the kids.

As much the packaging as the box as the gift.

After so many months, figured out where I am.

Should be here somewhere. On the premises.

They haven’t even heard me. I am getting soft. 

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