Innocence of the blue lagoon


3. Chapter 4


                   I remember somebody saying look ( about us) they managed to produce a passport that too Australian for local air travel   It’s a valid travel document for national trave and international . They decided to get a passport too. What really is required is a valid photo id that’s approved by the police – like a driver’s license. No question of me leaving the country.For that one would need valid travel documents.These days documents don’t have to be carried for international travel.  Your ID is verified before travel. I can use my  aussie passport for travel in the Asia Pacific region.  And no stamping is required when you arrive home.  Everything is automatic. Singapore stamps so that we know our travel dates.. I can even use this passport for international travel with valid documents.

Now that I am home in Banff, I love the place. A home in the woods, no worries, no irritants even. Its always been that way. And in difficulties there is support. And Banff and Calgary are actually in the USA. Not many know that.14 kids good ones too. Takes plenty of energy to take care of them.

Each and every one of them is special and different. Their Aunt moms are now taking care of them. Not much is required. They are old enough to know what to do.  I am going my journey through life alone with plenty of support.  No! I cannot do that. Nobody in life can. We all need some support.  How does one live without support. Simple things like changing light globes.  Call hire a hubby. Call Jim’s mowing.  Be more proactive. Do things yourself. Or better still have a relative live with you.  That’s the best option.We all need a support network.  I would love to try going it alone. Changing globes – such a easy task.  One can do it alone.  First you can do it. No need to feel insecure. Guys don’t.

No! Time to stop being in denial. Did a around the world trip recently, mostly because I had work and also some leisure. I used to fit my travel with the school holidays. And travel back and forth. I don’t worry too much about it. Feel so much better. Since Mom is Australian I hold a Australian  passport.  I never leave the United States.  The messages in the phone are virtual real.  Managed by a call centre ?  Messages may be instantaneous. Just as a call centre fellow thinks he is American,  people think of this place as Australia. I got my Aussie 18 day training in this suburb, at Woolworths.  Remembering going to the American embassy on James street many a time and in Singapore. It doesn’t bother them. After all it’s a American place.  To enter your own country, you don’t even need a passport. One day I will go back there! Oop! No need to go back there. Am already in Banff.  And it’s a one nation concept.

No such thing as retirement.  Forget all the details about work.  Just as raising children is very different these days, work is also very different .  The kids are doing the Asia Pacific region. They are not yet know that we are in the USA. Aussies still think it is Australia. There is something in it for everyone.  Australia from here is only a 5 hour trip.Everyone’s wishes are granted. And mine is to live on my land and never leave it.  My name is Katherine Kelly Lang.  And passport number gives all the details.  Very few even think beyond their country’s origin. Mom was an American who’s family did the Aussie training for generations. And we are following the tradition.  J  No body cares these days  J  Those who know me know I am American. Like my friends in Singapore.Even the Airport authorities don’t look at the document. They check that the papers are in order.  Did work until recently. Probably still working for the company for the expertise I have.  Network file manager. Virtual reality by definition has a link to reality. Not just virtual work. There is a face behind it.  And not many have access to this place , also known as XinJiang or arewilling to live here.  The city feels familiar , like Ho Chin Minh city.  I could be mistaken for Chinese Tibetian, for living here.Will stay here. This is my 4th year here Arrived estimate 2012 from memory.

Demographically this place is definitely not Australia. Neither is it the USA.  It’s still the blue lagoon, a quiet laidback community in China ( What was called China) There is no such thing as China on the maps. It is Central America.  Phew. Would only live in my country.  Hyderabad  is Melbourne India.Everyone knows that. So much confusion.And  your wishes are granted on the most part. Want to live in a place ?  Make a request.There is a living for ever. 

Have still not been able to get into a laid back system of work. But that’s me.I am busy in my own country. And my favourite Aunt and Uncle live here. No need to go to India to see them.  Phew! Couldn’t have done without support! And there is no pain and suffering in the world. Hard to  believe it. But its true.  Why is my finger like that ? Helps with the keyboard.  Effect of delivering kids. One day maybe it will be fixed. I can only hope. As also the other scars.  Which will fade away.  This place is also known as Aussie land by the Australians who live here.  They believe they are in Australia and who are we to enlighten them when it makes them so happy. Wonderful to live among all these happy Americans and they are even more estatic, they are living among true blue Americans, no need to leave their land to go to USA. Aussie land is our world of OZ J  The few Australians there,  were all pulled out and sent to hospital as kids.  All trauma cases J by the time they were rescued by their pranks. !  JThe Blue Lagoon is fully inhabited.No such thing as criminology here.  Most dob themselves in before they do anything. And the sentence is light and they get help. 

After reverse aging I believe I am only 21.  Made my fortune by the age 19. J  Had its difficult moments. J  It’s a paperless world. 

I am one of the richest persons in the world. After eternity money set aside, I have what I have plus a permanent job.No one is insecure.  Takes living in the blue lagoon a little getting used to. The laid back lifestyle .  Takes getting used to.

Piesean at birth.Am now doing Taurus after doing Aries, as I am a mutable sign.  So what do I do now, live a laid back retired life.Many would love to be in my shoes.  Only problem is staying positive.That can be a bit hard but its easier than work. I have  tenure at Intergraph. I don’t understand all of it but tha’ts how it is to be understood.The money situation keeps changing,  and my friend manager can’t be bothered explaining on a daily basis. Besides the view is different from what actually happens.  So don’t worry too much about it.  I am entitled to live free as my country is that rich. All of us contributed to it.  Take money out, spend it, it goes back to the atm. Start sequence, end of sequence.  Home is 4 to a house, common kitchen. End of story. Tenure at Intergraph Must be on a pension as I reached retirement age (J) this year. So I am covered money wise.  Superannuation as they say.  There is some flexibility in how much I can withdraw.  We all pull our weight.

I am in virtual world Australia. Actual place  California , also known as WA  ( Washington area)

It has connections to China, just as Queensland Australia has connection to India, for many centuries now. So much security, a long term tenancy. Even otherwise my insurance or Intergraph pays for it.  There is no such thing as dying. There is perfect health or near perfect health.  Mom and dad are doing fine. Mom is uncommonly pretty.

Dad looks like Granddad, he is tall, looked like a eskimo when I last saw him :-).  My guy friend looks like Vinod VLK. Such love there is between us.My fund manager takes care of my money.  No major changes, so it’s put in a category with other similar accounts. A small fee is charged. Great political office, so there is fame.And some income.  So no major changes in taxable income from one year to the next.  I have many eternity’s money. Kids are grow up Blessed I am – no trouble raising them.Totally I helped raise 14 kids. Takes stupendous energy. Have had my traumas.Did go through some ennui but that can happen anytime. Feels so good to have good health, have money to cover one’s needs,  have lovely children and a large extended family.  So large you can’t imagine. And such love and security  as a result. Such security I feel today.I am still connected to the money world, as a  token gesture  on my part. Some cash, some shares some property.  We are a loving family.  Last year was hectic but manageble, this year is not so hectic. Every year is eventful.2013 Singapore trip, 2014 so many things.

2015 hospital 2 month stay. Whether virtual or real, I live in Banff ( weather wise ) USA.  There are those AMericans who are Indians who live in Hyderabad – it is known as Melbourne India, so they have the best of both worlds.  There are crowded places in the US too. North bridge makes us feel like we are in  Singapore. 

I don’t want to live anywhere except at home , so we are in California. Had a map of the place. Close to the Oregon border.

2016 !  What really is going on ?  Is the demographics at the moment Indian ?  Is it khasgar , in this place ? Virtual Schema ?  Spent all of 2years 3 months in India.  That explains why I have a Aussie and old Indian passports.  My passport  had additional documents that classify me as American. Which is where I live.  A small amount of my money is connected to the real world.  I get an income stream that I live off Its called living off super.  Its all in the biometric passport. Difficult remembering I am American but nobody cares or asks these things. Plenty of extended family here who would help. Friends there is Karen , Nicholas and others  who would know if I had problems.  Problems are not going to happen.  The Doctor’s questions have me thinking.  Where is my life headed ? SO I am classified as Aussie American of Indian origin. This distant cousin stays with us mostly these days as his job is here. My fund manager manages my finances and at the moment no changes have to be made.  Income stream is taken care of the  superannuation fund manager for a small fee every year. I don’t have to do anything. All I have to take care of is what little money I have generating income.  Most of my money is parked for now.If there are any changes I will know. Its risk free. 

No work at the moment. How do I fix my left leg? Live with it or go to the physio ? I have decided to stay in my Banff and gk has the greatest deal on earth.  This everything paperless is a drag. But kids are not involved in my money deal. So it goes as stands I withdraw 1000 to 1500 per month and that’s about it. Behaves like an income stream. What is this place called?  There was a big debate last year. I call it Banff and am happy with that. I am American with a Aussie travel document for national travel. No question of my travelling to India in recent future. Saw my mom and Dad recently, Mom at sizzler and dad in Mullaloo. I fall very sick in India. Won’t do. Besides J I have seen all of it.  One is not allowed to travel overseas without reason. All my accounts with the taxation department have been worked out till 2013? Or 2014 it is.  Since there are going to be no changes in my taxable income in the near future, I don’t have to do much in the future years. No need to feel insecure about money or anything else.  Because I am not dependent on anyone for my expenses. That makes me feel much better. Fileing for probate will be easy – its already registered. Online probate registration. Everything is automated and paperless these days.  And done in advance. We have been working on this a long time.  I don’t have to do anything. 


I have 2 friends who are full time dads – modern family.  2 dads right and many  mamas ( periappa and athas)  . I raised 14 children, with a full time job. And I barely noticed their growing up. All I had to do was be myself and get on with my life.

Wonderful to have such a large extended family. Padma aunty is ever ready to be grandma And she has plenty of experience.  J  Very good at that too. My philosophy is no pain and suffering.

So life is all about work, raising kids, making money. Jobs that don’t require too much time. A few days at a time.  J 

2014 was so hectic.  But manageable.What am I doing this year ? My memory is being activated. JSo I don’t have to do anything as an executor.  Phew !  What was Dr. Raj saying ? All on the dole ?  Wonderful,it pays a comfortable amount and there is equity in the equation. No one is discriminated.  All a big extended family. Karen must be delighted.  I for one am delighted. I don’t have to worry about it anymore.Since my circumstances don’t change every year, I don’t even have to record it. It’s done automatically.Everyone is delighted. In my case it’s a regular income stream, like a retirement income stream. However it’s paid, every family member gets the same amount. 


 I am acting in a new play ( movie) which has been set in Perth Australia.I met Case who came to Australia 12 years ago and is 80, plays music,  Scott who gave directions,And Scott who confirmed which city we are in. The beach park  where families get together every day.

My real age in this role is 19 ( born in 1995) Then there is Dr Chadwick playing 50 and is not a day over 30.  I know his family. They are family friends.  I was the one who gave them jobs.  Psychiatry is a speciality in medicine .  

I believe I have the freedom now to travel anywhere in the whole wide world.  Took a long while achieving that status for my family.We are truly nomadic. What work do I do. Something to do with the hospitals.  Could be a drama series J Dr Raj is delighted to be on the dole. So am I.  No questions asked. It’s all taken care of by a fund manager who does it for free.  Just as I cook and clean for free.  It’s more than adequate. Once one is registered with Centrelink, the rest is taken care of. :-0  So much pain and suffering I have taken. On planet Neptune there are no restrictions. Everyone is getting the dole.They all see it differently. So  much we have contributed to the Government coffers. We are all set up for eternity. Money is not even an issue.  We take money from the atm and it goes back to the atm. Start of sequence. End of sequence. !  I for one am delighted. Everyone has a roof over their head.  I see it as an income stream every year ( arranged as such). 

The dole and retirement income depends on the contributions we have made to society.  I for one have become docile since becoming a progressed chart Taurus. All of us are delighted to be employed. My main employment is as a writer. That I enjoy doing.

All the rich have wanted to go on the dole at one time in their life. Try the poor man’s game and vice versa.  J  Hopefully Kalila’s hecs debt will be paid off in increments easily.It probably will be treated as a scholarship and the money paid as a salary.  Wishful thinking ? Na! Can happen !

All part of the political system.And we are not far from planet earth  - Do they call it India. The Indians asked for a lot of space.I am waiting for the day when visa waiver will be given to visit India. Its going to be a long long wait. It’s a peaceful place. When I was young, being a Piscean, I asked the King of Bhutan if I could live in his peaceful country and he agreed. Since then no matter where I travel, I always come back here. He has moved his nation here. That happens.  Just as Sudan was India for 20 years when the Indians needed more space.He reassured me that the world is indeed a peaceful place. And here is a city in the USA, riverside drive exists in the USA and those who see the car park know it’s the USA. I tend to be mistaken for Indian. And if I want to feel like visa free travel, I can pay to have all my documents checked all the way through. It costs extra for this privilege.  Not many know this privilege exists. Saves a lot of hangama in the port of entry if you are travelling with children. 

Did I ever travel on an Indian passport until I was updated to an Australian ?All documents in order. We have been of the Indian race for generations  in America,  and are now  adapting to being Australians.  So I am an Indian American Australian. That’s the only thing that makes sense.


I don’t choose the place I stay. Its usually chosen for me.  As a person of Indian origin, they do not stop us from visiting India but they started having a hard time providing a place to stay, so I don’t go there anymore.  Besides, my dad has shifted his entire family here. Took a while.Irrespective of where we stay , my children get an American education, from an American university.  And they are learning about Australia ( that’s their virtual real world).My entire family stays where I stay,  there was a period in time last year, that I moved.  They also moved here.  We are nomadic. We move as a group.  I am finished with all overseas travel. Went to Australia on a business visa. Don’t quite remember how I got the Australian passport.Where did I get it? Here in this city called Perth which is not Australia, but is in the USA.  Had money so travelled to a lot of places in the world. Since I was in the region, I visited Singapore plenty of times.  I still have the wander lust. But have seen the entire world.

When I get the wander lust I surf the net for tourist destinations – maps, photos etc etc. If I am alone I don’t need to hire a hubby. I can hire a caretaker who regularly visits and fixes things. He doesn’t even have to come inside for the most part. All these globes can be fixed easily with devices.  It’s like having electricity 100% of the time. No outage. It gets fixed. Like wise the house is fire proof.All these services are free, like a bit of community help. I do a little for you, you do a little for someone else, that person does something ….. Some don’t want to and that’s fine too.

In India when asked for info, I suggested , go to Australia and apply from there. Your application will speed up.  And once the ball gets rolling, the guy at the top activates it.There are not as many Indians actually living in India as is actually believed. Most of them are over seas in various jobs.Gk, my Indian friend, after many a trial and tribulation, finally can live here as long as he wants.  I have finished my Asia  region travel.  2014 was a hectic year. All those relatives and friends visiting us. Now it’s  more relaxed.  We have moved to a similar house to a different blue lagoon, blue lagoon 4 was a beauty, to a similar house .  At one time we rented several similar houses here ( I forgot about that) and I moved back and forth.  Back to blue lagoon 4. I have travelled through Australia and India intensively. Now as a Chinese queen , I have rights to stay in China as long as I like, have valid papers.Subiaco area is different in different Perth like cities.I need to recall all that happened last year . All the houses we moved.  Not everyone wants to travel. I do but where to.  ? Where are you Chadwick dear ?  Paropakaranike vellava ?I am having trouble with tamil script. Why can’t I remember it ?  We are projecting ourselves as a Indian Aussie American household.  And you speak English. Speak the ling or you lose it. Its only been a year and a half since we moved to this house.  It’s not difficult to rent a place.  I am all for comfortable and adventure too. Fun travelling in a Cruise ship. If well planned, it can be enjoyable and safe too.  Once Kalila finishes Uni, we can move to a new city.  Most of my money has not all been made easily.  Anyway money is a concept of the 2oth century ( last century). Everyone is taking a break from work. Taking it easy.  Maybe I am helping Azam with her Doctorate. She is raring to go. But no rush. Enjoy the school holidays.

Where am I ?  Which  country in virtual reality?  China I believe. We maintain the time zone 8 in our house. Feels like a western city. The hospital keeps me busy. I remember spending only 2 years 3 months in India altogether.When I was young.  Travel started more often when I was older.  I also came to Australia on a business 5 year visa.  Visas have to be earned and India gave me a passport.  I love that country but Australia is the new India. Indians from all over the world moved here, some from India too.  I am American. I never forget that.  All that part of my life  has been removed and new stuff put in my brain J  Meaning it has receded as new info went in.I mostly remember Austin, Charlotte, Alberta Edmonton, Banff.So we are I believe in China Banff.  At one time, both countries had Banff. So Banff it is.This neighbour’s house does not have an attic. 

I remember working for the airports. The world is a wonderful place and  we don’t have to do anything.  Azam  probably wants to speed up her Doctorate.  She has enough work to do.  I can always visit India. They won’t say no. There already is e-visa for Americans and Australians , so travel is not a problem.I have been reassured that no matter where I go, I will always be American. Intergraph is a USA company.  I got a job in China at the age of 18. Stayed there for a week.  Took my family along.Age is a factor of many things. VLK is  Chinese King . You guessed right. American nevertheless.  And a Dracula.  Yes that I know J It’s just a story.As Chinese Queen I can stay in China as long as I like on a E-Visa, as I am American.  In the asia pacific region, you travel on a Aussie passport.  Why ?  That’s the way it is.So Gk my friend took time to get a house. By the time he moves in,  I too will have one. At the moment I am keen on travel.Where to ?  I have seen this place.

As King I had 8 suiters in the entire universe of whom  3  went on and became defacto husbands,  VLK, Laxmikanth and  Suri. Each exceedingly handsome. And as brilliantly talented as I am.  I was a stud.  Ride a horse and then hang upside down on a tree.  It was explained to me. 11 wonderful kids.  No 14 in all. I also achieved the status of Super mom. At the moment I am a Taurus.  No matter how much I try I don’t feel like a fire sign. No rush to get up early for a walk. Early mornings are cold anyways. And Malay  Americans  in Singapore suggested the name Katherine Kelly Lang.  But Mars in Aries is Mars in Aries. 

The blue lagoon 4 still exists.  They close it down at this time of year.  (July 2015).  Have gone solo a few times Sailed solo around the world. With plenty of support.  7 years of going solo with support.  Its ok but one gets fed up. 

I met VLK, who wears the nicest summer shirts, on a airline, no sweat. Laxmikanth sports the nicest  moustache and Suri is handsome in his own way. He fancies himself as the caretaker of the universe. They are all more or less the same height.  The children were born using the poke me poke you procedure, 2 or 3 at a time.  So in the space of 5 years I managed 14. Each got the love they wanted, no lacking for it.  Managed a lot only because I raised money with TV shows and used that to hire help. That freed up time for an education ( nothing new about this). Others have done it.

It’s a long long story. In the beginning none thought of it. Now all 3 want to marry me.  After all the life we have lived.You have spoilt us for other people.  They say “ Ah… That’s how perfect I am, or rather life is. Live with its inconsistencies.We  are alone in this city. You are our family. After all what are we complaining about? “


One day I will move to a Cheni Gunta. This home is a Cheni gunta house. Only cheni gunta is not visible. That’s our source of water.  I set up accommodation for other visiting Intergraph employees and other people too, as the demand was there.  Short term and short term, moving to long term.  Also did a job as Consultant Virtual reality.  Came short of being a bed and breakfast inn. This place can get pretty cold.  But it’s always warmer near the water front.  Will go there tonight.  My excess weight is finally falling off. 

My group moves with me. That way  one has some sense of normality.  There are some changes from time to time.  It’s all taken care of.  All 3 are totally enamoured of me.  On my part it’s a friendship sequence. And that is acceptable to them. There is no discrimination. Why wouldn’t it be. All 3 must be in Canberra.  Wonder what I will be doing in the future.  Everyone is looking 10 years younger.  .  I am total American wherever I live.  Everyone lives in their home country unless they married a person from another country. Where do I want to live ? Which Virtual world of reality ? China. So China it is in Saigon also known as Ho chin minh city. The demographics is like any international city, population from different countries.  Looks exactly like Perth. 

My current house set up is 4 to a house, common kitchen.  My kids have all left home. I am looking forward to going to Auntie’s next week. Met Indian Raju through her Singapore counterparts. Narasimham tatha is a like minded soul. Will chat up anybody.Also child care costs too much to make work an attractive option.  Also to have kids excel needed to stay home and personal care.  Non descript boring life ?  Dum enough to agree to settle in a place so far away from home , not even the Usa. Turned out to be a brilliant move?  Or was I smart enough to move to the USA as I am a American by default where ever I am.  Why would I live such a boring nondescript life.  Besides I am not indian. Don’t fit the ipo card definition of indian.  Being single need not be tough. Besides one can always help people with raising kids.

One can opt for a career. That’s a very tough option sometimes.  Also government payments help a little on the rare occasions of unemployment.  Besides Intergraph here does not have a walk to work syndrome. You work from home.  They work differently. The work somebody does requires 3 days a forth-night or quarterly. Very family friendly.  So what is the truth ?? Am I 28 or am I 55 ? Can I think of myself as 55 but feel 28. A year here is very short as compared to Nellore. Chennai.

Why would I opt for the boring life ? That may have been so at one time. Safety and everyone wants a family. And as supermom, I practically raised Rohit to Aparna’s delight. It was all explained to Aparna. Work I did. Pulled my weight. I like to see myself as a married single. J J Went for jobs that required expertise but not too much hands on  time.  A job that could be done part time and phone calls.  Did not make too much but at least I did not dip too much into my lotto win.  Years ago.

Anyways this retirement thing isn’t working. I don’t feel retired.  Not all men are employed gainfully all the time. Our tenured jobs are like that.  Did have kids with doughnut dad ( warm doughnuts in the shopping centre near applecross). What work do I do as an employee of the hospital. I work for the hospitals, all those meetings.  Don’t know the gist of it all. I know what role I am playing.  I remember never being married as a role play. I can  adjust my viewing scales and accept that life is less than picture perfect. We can still be happy. Just as there are medications for health, so  there are solutions to life’s problems.  How am I the richest person on earth ( J  ) Was it as part of a contest ?  The money is held in the world bank, and I don’t go looking for it. Its all automated.  What political office do I hold. The job I have. So many things can’t possibly be imaginary.

I just do the money out, money in, sequence. We live in a paperless world.  What work I had to do has been done in advance and logged into their system.  And I have a permanent job. Not many Americans here. After a long journey, our spacecraft has landed on planet Neptune. My whole family has moved with me. A year on this planet is very long as compared to earth. Time is maintained very differently here. The days are much shorter as compared to earth. Old earth does not have an Australia.


I am American , living in the USA and use my Aussie passport to travel in the Asia pacific region. Why ? Don’t know. Why not a American passport ?  Asha and Ram still travel on their Indian probably. I travel on Aussie as mom was born in Australia. And so were the kids.American, so live in America.I am glad all of Asha’s family made it to America. I could be confused for her sister.

The government encourages us to travel far and wide and take care of its enterprises. We don’t need an American passport to be treated as such.  They know each of us individually and keep track of us. I have produced enough work for a 100 years and am back to taking life easy. I do have a job. And it pays. Hey you fund manager  contact me ! He must be busy.  We Americans strengthen the bond the country has with Australia. The riverside tells us we are Americans. Kids are travelling in Aussie passport as we travel to Sydney etc ( Which Sydney  - must be our Ulm Sydney). Virtual world of reality. It’s a replica almost of Sydney Australia.  All of us live like we are on the dole. I for one am, that’s the Intergraph allowance. Took a while to fix the car. Because that’s the way it had to be done.

Life in Intergraph is laid back! There must be a reason. So is home life. At least its not ennui. Don’t even have to go to Curtin area everyday for work. The work is picked up at Mullaloo Beach hotel. You lose a little energy in doing so. I was Consultant, Virtual reality.  They have to sift through all the data and I have this title until then.  Still part of the team ??/Or SO I SAY.! I don’t have to look at my income. My super and job gives a dole like income. Otherwise dole kicks ?If so,  I will know .I don’t have to go into Centrelink?  End of story.  Enough for my needs. I gambled with life unintentionally  and I won 30K, that generates income that cover s my one months expenses needs at 5% income.  If my circumstances change I will be told.  I remember in Edmonton somebody saying I was Gk’s cousin. A long time ago.

No need to feel insecure – Unemployment insurance kicks in where there is no job and so does super.  I have enough to pay for my expenses.  I should not sell myself short. So does health insurance. Its all paperless these days.  Once activated, its all taken care of.  I also have a caretaker and a fund manager who take care of things.  Why the insecurity. Because everything is not so obvious.  Now I see myself as Consultant, Senior management , Intergraph USA.Perth is the WA area.
 We are on a ship liner and moving, close to Sydney Australia.  That way I get my travel. Kalila  goes to international school. The ship liner comes with  University lecture halls, a small hospital.  So it will be Queensland next. By the time Kalila comes back for her holidays,  we will be closer to Singapore Bali Indonesia again.  I don’t have to travel. My mom and dad have tracked me down and have come here. ‘memu vachesamu’.  Katie is 15, Gk is 19,  Kalila  is 11.  Went in for surrogacy for all the kids.  That’s why I am their birth mom. And no pain and suffering for them. They got excellent care. Only one lady had a bit of a difficult term.  Surrogacy means doing child care for the kids – helping the birth mum out. This beautiful ship has so many uses.Travel in comfort and style. And for a shipliner, this house is pretty large. My team travel with me. Sometimes we dock and I look up relatives. Can get confusing at times. And my cousin Blake is there to remind me who my husband is. As though I have a husband. Chronological age can change if you are on a space craft.So I take my age to be 28. Just like a living for ever, you can be any age you want.
 It’s a pity we don’t have mirrors in this house.  The front door glass is my mirror.  This no money no job ( do in fact have both)  but no work ?world takes a little getting used to.  We are being monitored by ground staff. 

I have already taken all my money , as have we all.  Gk likes taking it annually.Its surprising how many space craft can dock together and become a humungousspace craft.  The so called space  manouvers.

The online bank accounts etc are all just forms. That’s not how money really operates. Its cash out , cash in end of sequence.Its confusing if you see locals after a long time. You can’t place where you saw that last and if any relationship to you.

Can anyone see the world like I do. Then we connect.  Anyone with that kind of connection. Laxmikanth is a employee of Intergraph.  That’s how I know him. Suri ‘s family is the caretaker of the universe. I know them as I have seen suri many many times.  It’s a name a fancy. Vlk with those fancy shirts taught me a couple of things of managing life.  For instance how to flirt decently if there is such a thing.For our part we are all alive and well.  Saw my neighbour friend today. Feels good to connect.He is a distant cousin. It is true I now have no occupation but I may be in a simulation chamber and am being monitored.  Worst case unemployed,  depending on gk as a dependent.  Feeling insecure. Why would I place myself in such a situation.  Unless everyone is like that in my circle of friends.  Gk is brother, of that I am sure. Its all very strange.  Why do I remember 2 lives, one a story, the other true, yet seems unreal.  Did both, some at REC, some at Austin THAT WHY you idiot. GK is family, and yet everyone presumes he is husband. Richest person on earth among a few others. When all of our expenses are covered , one is the richest person on earth. 

Life is so boring what would we do without  a bit of make believe.  Something to boost our confidence, give us the courage to get through life.  Stress relief. Play out  scenarios.  Who knows how life will play out.

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