Innocence of the blue lagoon


2. Chapter 3


I can only say it took a lot of expertise to create the Blue Lagoon. Ah! The astute  Laxhmikant who helped make it happen. And I am blessed to have helped make it happen.  They say he has passed on.

I believe he has stayed on. We convinced him to.

AH… the song

Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight

All my dreams fulfilled ( come true)

So rare it is to see a Fellow American, though they are here a galore a galore

They are all holed up in their beautily modest homes.

Ah! Are you an American tonight


Oh.. for an American tonight

Are you loathsome tonight ? Na! I am loan some tonight.

The philosophy of the blue lagoon has to be lived to be felt. In this far remote of places.  Somewhere in the US.  The truth nobody knows where it is.  Not even its inhabitants, the so called locals. I may not have been one but have become by virtue of making it my home.  It is a place to be enamoured of. My dad was smart enough to seek out such a place to raise his family. It’s Utopia on old planet Earth now known as Neptune.  I have since moved to another similar place which I call new planet earth Neptune. Since I was a pilot air hostess I did not have to pay for the ticket. Land here costs 39$ per acre.  I also get paid for living here.  Intergraph was looking for people to set up base here.  Don’t remember the work I did.  I am a Consultant and what I was paid last year will last me a life time here. Burgers are $2,  land is 39$ per acre.If Fergus can afford a house, so can we. My assets generate income. Virtually no tax. 

When I first came here , I did not even understand anybody. I believe I came here about 4 years ago in 2012.  It was explained to me. Have come here many times for a variety of reasons. Kind of home town.

Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight

Will you toss and turn because I am thinking of you on a Sunday night

Will you  come back again?
Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight

Honey you laid bare your heart when you said you loved me tonight

I am exceeding good looking dear

And elite too

Yet I can live it  rough, after all I am a King too

I am bound by duty, otherwise I would visit you in your dreams tonight J

O…h I would visit you in your dreams.

The place I live is many things to many people.

But we are all mighty Americans at the end of it all.

So many locals, at one time it was a tourist haven.

What is the place like these days

Where are you dear tonight


Are you lonesome tonight

For I am lonesome tonight

You are known as Hi. In the pairing, they say not me, its Hm

Not me says Hm, its Hi :-0 

When will I see you again dear

Are you giving away that CD tonight

No dear, it is for the man who loves me forever

What is there not to love

Meanwhile I make do with a friend

Thinking of you many a tender night


Do I have private insurance health

No the insurance I have is pretty good. It covers all my needs

And their bed side manner is excellent

I can also add another family to cover using my insurance policy. Needs to be checked.

After creation of the blue lagoon

One fine afternoon

People get together at the waterfront to do their own thing

I joined my friends at their meeting point, each doing their own thing

Innocence written all over the place

So so safe

The world is what we make it to be

So many events here last year


Year 2015

This year is going by without too much halabaloo

My natural inclination is to be thin. I am slowly getting back to normal. I am by no means obese. Thin with a fat spot is how I can be described.  So slightly overweight and I was tricked into believing I was 5 ft 9 inches tall. But as the calibration goes, in a world of shorter people, I would be calibrated as 5 feet nine with shoes.  After 7 years going solo ( not too bad but little difficulties all add up to pressure and quality of living over time)  My hi bye guy friend was the donor for the kids. My relative fellow  signed the forms as guardian for the birth certificate, as my donor dad was a bit late. He is the right height for me and how I love him.  Why would we lose such a beautiful thing.  He is cousin of some sorts far removed, by marriage.  Neither of us  married.  I remember occasionally applying for the dole in times of  being unemployed, after unemployment insurance ran out.  Lived with my dad and mom in Adelaide.  The world we live in is called Utopia. J  I need never worry about life itself ever. Somebody watches over you. Even that is not necessary for the most part. So in the world of our scales I am 5feet 9inces tall. 5 feet 3inches is the licensing centre scale. Weight too, 90kilos but actual weight is 90-20 = 70 kilos. About 5 kilos overweight.  Makes sense in the real world and I am medium build slim and slender, lived the rugged life until recently, pushed myself to do so. Can consider myself part of the Nath family.  A kind of passive member.

I love it here.  And house work is not a chore. I just do it to spend some time.  And my friends will look me up in the local places. A defacto can be a non marriage partner.  I have figured out where we are. In Stanley, California. Because I became Chinese king, I can live in China. So here I am in a new place., in a place I call Quebec Tibet. ( weather wise) ( in the USA).  Most locals don’t even have a passport. No matter where I am, my name is Katherine Kelly Lang. Also Blake Ravoori , Arin Kelsy.  One can have more than one name. Also VLK ( Venkatraman Laxmikanth ) Laxmikanth is my grand dad’s name ( from memory). I have made what I could and am living a semi-retired life.14 kids I have raised. Won’t see some of them ever again. No I will. And when they are in town they will visit me.  All settled in life.  Superman, wonder woman one in all. J. My true Christian name is Katherine Kelly Lang. I can continue to use my Aussie passport.  No body cares these days.  So that’s the end of that.  Moneys done, what in the future? So I am an American living in Tibetian region, weather wise. Can live in any region I want.  Politically we are a one nation. I have valid documents to live here. Nobody cares about these things. . I am alone no family here. Am responsible for these  kids. They would be devastated if I left them. See me as their mom. Donut process I call it.  For the dad is a doe eyed dad. 

And my fellow involved himself and we produced 14 children.  As we promised. All happy with their lives. Where is the need to be unhappy when no compromises have been made in life.  I am the birth mother. The aunt mothers and the dads and granddads have helped to make it easier for themselves and all of us. I saw my dad recently. My family lives not far away and I see them once in a while.  My fellow’s mum is Ruski .  He is holed up in action. ( ACT).  He adores me as I do him.  With the guidance of family how else can it be otherwise. This place is definitely not Australia. May have become so.  One of  the states of America. No debating. The theme changes all the time.And my fellow involved himself and we produced 14 children.  As we promised. All happy with their lives. Where is the need to be unhappy when no compromises have been made in life.  I am the birth mother. The aunt mothers and the dads and granddads have helped to make it easier for themselves and all of us. I saw my dad recently. My family lives not far away and I see them once in a while.  My fellow’s mum is Ruski .  He is holed up in action. J  ( ACT).  He adores me as I do him.  With the guidance of family how else can it be otherwise. This place is definitely not Australia. May have become so.  One of  the states of America. No debating. The theme changes all the time.

The 22 century is not about money anymore.  And I am never going to leave my country.

My big money was made twice, once in a lotto win, takes intelligence to brilliance to have a sure win. Another in airline industry, helped by a lady who  knew women should not be disadvantaged in making money for themselves.And some money in aerospace engineering. 

There is no need to feel so  lonely. All our extended family is here. And immediate family  too.I saw Banu, I saw my dad, I have seen my mom.  I have seen Paddu.  I saw Ayisa and mum a few years ago.  My Raghu (Victor) is a bit on the tall side. It kind of does bother me but it’s a perfect relationship.  Rather bothered me. Past tense. He begs to differ. Now it does not. I am elated.This place is wonderful and is home.  Just as Birmingham has a British theme, we have an Aussie theme here. Bibbulmum track is the local track at the  water front. How quickly time flies. Its already the mid of June.  All the people at the Park just come for a visit. They are not even aware of events. :-0.

We are babes in the woods.  Life is fine. Place does get cold though, more so because of being in the woods.  Should buy myself a pair of gloves.

 I am a true blue Aussie American. Primary American. So live within the country.Upper middle class. Would love to be permanent elite.  That I already am.4 to a house common kitchen was the theme of last year 2014. The theme this year is one of a family.  Next year it will be that of a united family hopefully still with the underlying theme of 4 to a house common kitchen.  That it is especially during family meetings. Trained to be a Doctor. I remember doing rural going to Albany where  the roundabout  that shows Perth, Albany, has the hospital is on the corner. The trip through rural and the sheep.  More and more of my life is coming back to me.  Memories of yester years. 

Wouldn’t want to raise kids all over again.  Can exercise in the driveway, if I can’t get out.What do I do at Integraph this year.  Employment gives security.Have produced enough work and am also autonomous in some personal projects. Mom and dad have made sure of that.  I tend to have a poor body image. Don’t know what I can do about that.Where are you my hi bye guyfriend J  doughnut boyfriend :-0 giggle.  No strings attached. We have known each other a lifetime.

For being an Intergraph employee, stationed overseas, I get a tax free allowance.Modest allowance but my expenses are modest and insurance is also covered and that is a big feature. Gives wonderful security J J  Health, home and contents  ( if anything happens and I have to leave this home, Alternate accommodation is given.  Same with car. I have my own so my allowance and petrol are covered, as is insurance.  Feels good! Where is the need for insecurity? No need for a family support network even.No need to feel like I have no home or roof over my head.

Waiting for new work to kick in.  As long as it does not disrupt the home situation.  In another year and a half, my responsibilities as a parent are almost over. 25 years of support. Did have a difficult delivary.  Planets in fire sign, water, earth and air.  Mutable sign makes life interesting. Morphing and mutation keeps my fellow interested. Feeling so much better.Strength without being aggressive.I should think I have it all.

I work in a permanent position for Intergraph.  Senior Management.So I am covered financially. Besides my primary country does not offer dole. The world is a considerate place. I keep up my ruggedness. Helps be confident when it comes to adversity. Pisean sun sign and libra moon and venus mercury aspecting lagna.  I bought a lion to tell me who I am. :-0.Considerably water down Leo’s authoritative nature.With added reasoning and consideration. No money worries and a roof over my head as lord of  4th and 9th exalted.  . Ketu dasa coming up in 2019. Will have some difficulty. Fortunately ketu is only a short 7 years with plenty of good antar-dasas .

Virtual reality. We are Americans living in virtual China known as Chinski. The word China does not exist anymore. No body knows the word. Wonder what today’s maps look like.  Aussie food, Chinese goods, American companies.All my family lives here. Haven’t seen mom in a while. Saw dad a couple of months ago. I like mom.  She lives with her brother, or rather used to throw parties at his place.Adore them – I like their family. Padma aunty is also a lot of fun though cultural differences sometimes come in the way.She is the finest cook I have ever seen.  In the virtual China We are in Quebec TibetIts known as Khasghar. Not far from India. Maredpally is a posh locality. No wonder you see Indians here. Took great effort to get permission to visit China. I am not going to let go of that soon. 


Figure I am a Leo.  A pity its watered down. But a Libran moon with a fire sign helps speed up decisions with Libra’s caution.  I love the travel that this job allows me. Will be here till KaLILA  finishes her studies. Then will decide what happens.  Maybe we can all move to a different city. Or go for a different Virtual reality. The only problem is lack of constant friends. That can be alleviated by connecting to others who also have plenty of travel in their job and understand the difficulty of it all. I have my social network.  And autonomous jobs to keep me busy. I did the snake penguin theme here J, International Bibblemun trail. The scary moot crossing ( foolish risking life).

In the virtual reality world  this world is one nation.  All Americans of different flavors. A merry can, can will do, A merry can , American will do. And on that ladder Aussie American is on the highest rung of the ladder  :-0  . I am true Christian  ( we can be other faiths at the same time)

One day I hope to live in the city of Atlantis, a whole city surrounded by mountains and woods and below sea level.We already live in such a place.There is a lot to Urban city planning. 

The demographics of the world is such,  you can choose nationality,  I did enough to get a Indian passport, a Aussie passport not to mention the passport of my country. I did see tatha a few months ago, sometime last year. I know him well, not his family.  Who knows how long I will live here. Airline pilots are among the best paid in the world. And why not, it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise. Aunty met her husband in Ho Chin Min City ( Shangai).  She is tatha ‘s sister I think.  Tatha’s wife is Satya I believe.  Which tatha you ask me. In a family that large, there are bound to be many look alikes. 


Hope somebody invites me for lunch. It’s all repetitive and very boring. Nothings new. And anyways I have nothing to wear.

Are you lonesome tonight Are you loan some tonight 


Auntie called yesterday and invited me over.  She has the nicest kind of informal get togethers.  I am looking forward to socialising. I haven’t let Hi go.He is ecstatic with his  job.  I for one am elated not just happy being a single. Its about being independent A week of consistent  exercise and my fat spot will reduce .  So many years of togetherness. From Vishnu to Raghava to Hi has been a long journey.  I have seen a lot of the world. No point in going to the same places again and again. A major move has to happen for a reason.  The hospital stay gives me something to think about. I have been admitted because my psychiatrist thinks I have psychosis, even if temporary.The wake up at 1 am every night, the toast with butter and honey.  Something about the hospital food. Did not gain weight

Hi, Raghu etc etc are all my friends.  I have many girl friends too but I don’t see any of my friends  very often. When they are in town  they visit me. I work as part of  the political  office  team and also often live in a spacecraft.Explains the strange weather we have.  Even if I don’t move, it moves.  That is why we only travel sometimes. 

There is something about those who do professional courses. Their manner sets them apart.  I am one among them. Haven’t seen hares in a while.Guess these are spring and summer events.  I tend to forget. No need to worry about anything in life.There was risk to life in moot crossing on Christmas day which was overcome with training.  It’s a pity I don’t go to Huntsville anymore.  Medication suppresses memory but gives the brain rest.

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