The Escort

At the tender age of sixteen, Lily was roped into a life she never wanted, but it was one that brought her all the luxuries that the world could offer. Now, as bad as she wants out, she doesn't know if she can resist the sweet siren call of it. Will she get out before she falls in too deep? Or will the lifestyle drag her under before she has a chance to try?


4. Moving Day

I was almost positive that moving in with Luke was going to be my biggest challenge yet. Possibly even worse than the rigorous training Mama had been putting me through during my teen years. That was mostly because everything Mama taught me had come with ease. I had grown up with it. I spoke two languages other than English, and was up to date on anything I needed to know to woo the Upper Class. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, Luke had the looks to become one of Mama’s men.

If I wasn’t such good friends with him, I’d probably try to date him. He was looking up at me with that devilishly handsome face, cool brown complexion, and eyes that could melt me from the inside if I allowed it. I wondered idly why Mama had never tried to recruit him. Or had she? It was hard telling. Currently we were at my parent’s house packing what little belongings I had in a box. As you can imagine, Mama was less than thrilled that I was going to live with the help. 

“Luke you’re a lifesaver, you know that, right?” I said. I was squatted down beside him helping him fold some of my more expensive clothing. It was stuff I saved for the elite. I rarely had appointments with men or women of that caliber yet. I was too young and since that first appointment I had made it clear that I was not going to have sex with anyone. My title as escort did not cover having sex with people I found appalling.

“Just doing the best I can for ya.” He smiled at me and turned his attention back to packing. He had rented out a U-Haul and the movers were coming in periodically to get packed boxes. They had already moved the majority of the furniture. As the time moved along, Luke and I finally finished packing. It hadn’t occurred to me yet that I would be leaving Cassie behind. A pang of guilt went through my body. I stood up and turned to face Luke.

“Hey, I need to go take care of something before we leave.” I cupped his shoulder in my hand and squeezed before walking out the door.

Cassie had been oddly quiet through this whole thing. Not once had she come in to check on progress. I made my way to her door and knocked quietly before I entered. Cass was sitting at her computer desk staring intently at the screen. She was no doubt doing homework, or maybe she was just busying herself. I had no way of knowing because she snapped her computer shut before I could get a good look. She looked at me with anger burning in those bright green eyes. I couldn’t say that I blamed her, though. I had neglected her. I was her twin and I had been neglecting her.

“I know it doesn’t make up for anything, Cass, but I am sorry.”

“Lily, I always thought you were better than what Mama had planned for you. I guess I was wrong.” She spat. I flinched.

“Cassie, would you rather it have been you? Because if I hadn’t stepped up, she would have chosen you. There always has to be a legacy.”

Cassie’s face was blank. I couldn’t detect even a slight hint of emotion coming from her other than her clenched fists. Even then I couldn’t tell if that was out of anger or annoyance. The legacy part scared me. Cass and I were the last of Mama and Pop’s kids. That naturally meant that it would be either mine or Cassie’s kids that would continue the ‘family tradition’. I bristled at the thought of it. Would I even come to having kids. But as to Cassie’s reaction, I was only telling her the truth. Mama would have whipped her chubby ass into shape. Her girls were not fat. They were not dumb. They were not disobedient nor were they complete pushovers. Unfortunately for Cassie, she was most of them. Charming people was not her forte.

I looked at her hard for a minute. Her yellow blonde hair was perfect. If she dropped twenty pounds she’d be an amazing addition, but she couldn’t grow a suitable personality out of thin air. It might be harsh to say about my own sister, but let’s be real, out of the two of us, she was the lucky one. She was the one who didn’t have to go through all this shit. I sighed in desperation. Why couldn’t she see this the way I did? Why was she being so intentionally thick?

“You’re going to end up a strung out crack whore like Meg.” She said. I took genuine offense.

“Thanks, Cass. Thanks so much for your confidence.” I felt myself getting fired up. “You know, I was just coming to tell you bye and that you’re the lucky one. And even to invite you over to mine and Luke’s place to get away from Mama, but I can see that you have yourself handled. Bye Cass, and I’m sorry it has to end this way.”

Tears stung behind my eyelids as I walked out of her room. I was going to miss going into that room with the chocolate brown walls and sitting on her overly comfortable bed talking about all the crazy shit that happened in our days. I loved my sister and I didn’t want to leave her, but I got the nagging feeling that she didn’t want or need me anymore. When I got far enough away, I let the unshed tears fall down my face. It was me against the world now and there was absolutely no turning back. 

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