The Apocalyptic race

The world had fallen, the seal that promised wonders when broken now only reveal a world of chaos. The world of heroes and villains of power had only begun. The power struggle will change the world.


1. The seal

   Nowadays treasure and hidden caves was always hard to come by, so one could imagine the surprise and excitement when Jay, a young treasure hunter, discovered the seal. It was a massive thing, hidden at the back of a deep cave in the largest mountain range of the earth. The seal itself was a massive plate of runic emblems, and as he neared they began to glow and shift, the whole disc rotating.

   Eyes wide, he knelt in front of it, as if in worship, his lifelong dream finally achieved.

   He had discovered something.

   Closing his eyes he whispered a word of thanks to any unknown deity that had somehow granted him his wish.

   An unmistakeable handprint was found right in the centre of the disk, it shifted in size to suit Jay's hand as he reached for it. Fingers outstretched he grew closer to the wall, a unknown warmth beaconing him closer, promising him power and greatness.

   And finally his palm lay on the print, he willed for something to happen, anything. For a moment nothing did, then the disc stopped rotating, the glow entirely stopped, and the stone cracked right down the middle. Jay gasped in fear, for his only discovery was in ruins before him. But it was short lived, behind it, the rest of the cave continued. 

   The hole revealed an arched walkway, beaten in a glowing emerald light, the walls were alive, as if the cave was actually under the sea. He stepped through, slowly, taking in everything, his whole discovery, maybe even the greatest discovery for mankind.

   At the end was a large room, space enough for a house, and a giant stone lay in the middle. Two hand prints, one for each hand embedded in it, much like the broken seal had. It likewise had moulded to his prints, and within moments he was pressing his palms into the cold cavities.

   The room's changed instantly, the dormant green glow had been replaced with a vivid yellow, as if the sun had just risen within the mountain. Jay stepped back as the giant stone began to float, huge glowing yellow cracks appearing on it, and the ground had began to move, much like the disc had, rotating and shifting. 

   A loud throbbing sound could be heard, and the stone began to shake. The cave itself trembled, echoing the sound which had to be coming from the stone.

   The sound rose to a loud ringing, and he was sure he wasn't the only one who heard it. Outside a storm surged, and the waves shifted, a gale rising, nature was responding. The obelisk was now vibrating at an impossible speed, and the glowing cracks had almost completely taken over it.

   It all ended in one moment, the ringing rose to a high pitched sound, and then disappeared entirely, and the rock exploded into light.

   The glowing insides erupted, they floated there for a moment, the rocky prison that held it gone, and they all dove and embedded itself into their rescuer, Jay. He felt it then, the power that surged in his veins, of his ability to become greater than anyone, anything.

   However it was not to be, a human vessel couldn't handle the power, and as soon as the power flowed into his heart, his body cracked much like the stone had, and exploded, the light once again floating.

   Having nowhere to go, they escaped into the cave and out into the world, finally separating as they spread to the edges of the earth.

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