It all started with when blue eyes met brown........


7. Yup, It Happened

OH MOY GOD I HAVE LOST THIS FUCKING CHAPTER TWICE ALREADY I SWEAR I AM GOING TO THROW MY FRICKIN LAPTOP OUT MY WINDOW!!! I hope y'all like this one cuz if u don't imma be frickin mad. jk love you all XOXOXO










Calums POV


I have come to accept the fact that I frickin love Luke Robert Hemmings. Yes, and in that way....



Ashtons POV


We had all come back from Starbucks and were sitting on Calums bed on our phones. I texted Michael so the other two boys wouldn't hear us:


A- We need to make up an excuse to get out of the house so Cal and Luke can get together already!


M- I know, I know. How 'bout we say we need to get supplies for a project at school, that way they don't have an excuse to come with us.


A- Yeah, sound good. I have a key that will lock Cal's bedroom door. Do it now


M- Ok. ACTION!!!


A- Whatever you dumbass


"Hey guys me and Michael have to go to the store to get supplies for a school project." I say.


"Can we come with you?" they both ask


"Nah we don't need you to. Bye!!" I say as Mikey pulls me out the door. Once we get outside I lock the door.


"I hope we don't come home to moaning" smirks Michael.


"Eww. I don't need that thought in my head." I said as we walked out the front door.



Lukes POV


Ash and Mikey just left me alone with Cal. Great.


"Do you actually believe they are going to get supplies?" asked Calum.


"Not at all" I replied with a small laugh.


"I wonder why they left us" he laughs nervously. Wait, nervously??


"I bet they left us to get together" I mumbled and thought Calum didn't hear me, but of course, I was wrong.


"What?" he asked me.


"Calum isn't it obvious?!" I exploded all of a sudden. "Can't you see? I like you. Your perfect. Your hair, eyes, smile, lips, personality, body, everything. The way I look at you. How I get nervous around you. Because I do things for you that  I do for no one else. I can't believe I'm telling you this. I bet you hate me now, so I-I should go. I'm sorry" I say walking towards his door. Just before I reach the handle arms spin me around. Before I could say anything Calum presses his lips against mine. My eyes were wide with shock but it only took a second before I kissed back. Fireworks exploded between us. After a couple seconds we pulled away and rested our foreheads against eachother.


"Wh-what.... why....."


"I really like you too Luke." he said looking me in the eyes. He leaned in again and I didn't hesitate to kiss back this time. I intertwined my fingers in his hair and tugged lightly. He moaned, which was the most amazing sound I had ever heard. I licked his bottom lip and he quickly gave me entrance. Our toungs battled, him winning in the end. We only broke the kiss for a second so I could take his shirt off. But before we started kissing again I told him,

"Jump" and he obeyed. He jumped up into my arms and wrapped his legs around my waist. I placed my hands on his butt to hold him up while he tugged roughly at my hair. I let out a moan and walked to the bathroom. Calum reached over and turned the water on. I guess we're going to take a shower together, I thought. Calum got down and took my shirt off. His hands gripped my biceps, and my hands traveled to his jeans. I started to unbutton them, and he gasped. I looked at him, but he nodded for me to continue. He kicked down his jeans and we started to make out again. I started to kiss his neck all over, until I found his sweet spot. Once I heard him gasp, I bit down lightly and sucked and wanted to mark him to make the world know he's mine. He let out a couple moans. He pressed himself closer to me so I could feel his bulge on the inside of his leg as he started to take my pants off. He played with the rim of my boxers,  as he hooked his fingers in and rubbed circles right above my growing problem, which just made it even worse. I let out a couple moans and so did he. It turned me on, I must say. He started to take them off slowly. Once they were down I did the same to him. We stepped into his huge glass shower after making sure the door was locked. Once we were inside, Calum and I started to make out again while standing under the shower head while our body got soaked in warm water. I'll let Calum tell the rest....



Calums POV


I can't believe my crush is making out with me naked in the shower. I never thought I was gay until I met Luke. I loved this boy with all my heart and I was never going to let him go. Back to the present:


Luke and I were making out in the shower and his hand started to slip down towards my now full erection. My heart started to beat faster as he backed me up to the wide shower seat. His hand lightly grazed it with his fingers, and then he grasped it with his whole hand. That made me moan loud and I felt him smirk into the kiss. The shower seat was actually wide enough to lay down on so I sat down while Luke kissed my chest, then my abs, then above my issue. I moaned some more. His lips kissed the side of it, then the throbbing head.


"Do it, Luke. S-stop teasing me" I begged. He put only a couple inches in his mouth teasing me even more. He sucked lightly. I couldn't take it anymore so I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed him down on me. He then put his hands up on my chest and pushed me back so now I was lying underneath the shower head with Luke's head in between my legs. He bobbed his head up and down. I kept my hands on his soaking wet hair while he did an amazing job. I was moaning uncontrollably now while Luke let out a couple moans every now and then. He took my legs and put them on his shoulders while he continued. He brought his hand into the equation and massaged the length he couldn't get in his mouth. I was close.


"I'm c-close, L-luke" I studdered out and groaned as I felt like I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let it go as he did a couple more sucks. I looked at him and saw him licking everywhere, cleaning up any evidence. He met my eyes and I smiled at him.


"You taste better than I thought" he said. I laughed.


"Your turn" I simply said as I threw him on the shower seat/bed and began to suck him off. I pretty much did the same thing he did to me. When I was finished, I layed next to him. I rolled over and out my head on his chest as he wrapped his arms around me.


"Calum?" he said.




"Will you be mine? Forever?"


"I would love to do the honors" I said and we kissed again, this time full of nothing but lust and love for one another.

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