It all started with when blue eyes met brown........


3. The Cheating Girlfriend

Calums POV


SO today me and my brother, Ashton started at our new school. When we got to our first class together, I walked in and couldn't help staring at the attractive boy infront of me. Blue eyes, quaffed blonde hair, lip ring, super tall, perfect smile, so- wait. What the fuck are you thinking Calum?! You're not gay or bisexual, you're straight. I noticed Ashton walking over to the guy besides him with bright ass red hair. Ash and I plop down next to them.


"Hey, I'm Calum" I said to the blonde boy.


"Hi, I'm Luke" he replied reaching his hand out for me to shake it. Luke. Such a perfect name for a perfect- stop Calum. Why are you thinking this? It's probably because you just got out of your relationship with that cheerleader, Mali. She has mixed up my emotions. I really loved her, but when I went to her house and saw her sitting on a guys lap half naked and making out with him, it was enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and die. Also it was my best friend, well now ex best friend, too so that just made it worse. The memory came back to me all of a sudden....


*Calums Flashback*


I walked up to Mya house and I was going to talk to her about her coming on a cruise with my family over summer break. I knew she would love to. I had a key to her house since we had been together for over a year and a half now. I jogged up the front steps to her giant house and put the key in the lock. I walked through her long hallway and made my way to her living room because I heard sounds coming from there.


"Hey, Mya? I was wondering if-" I said as I walked into the family room. What I saw next was truly the most awful and heartbreaking thing I had ever saw. Mya was straddling my best friend's, Josh, lap and she had her shirt and short off. They were making out her hands were tugging at his hair as he began to take her underwear off.


"Mya?! Josh?!" I managed to squeak out. They immediately stopped and looked at me with shocked expressions on their faces.


"C-calum?" Josh said as tears ran down my face.


" did can explain." he said quickly, getting up from the couch. Mya hadn't said a word yet. She just kept looking between me and Josh, scared.


"What is there to explain?! I just walked in on my best mate and my girlfriend eating eachothers faces and Mya is  almost naked!!" He started to say something while Mya was getting dressed again.


"Save it." I told him and he shut his mouth as tears welled up in his eyes. I didn't understand why he would be upset. I mean he was the one who was cheating with his best mates girlfriend right behind his back. I looked at Mya who was now full out crying.


"Mya, how could you? I thought you loved me" I said the last part quietly.


"I-I do" she said through sobs.


"If you do then why are you cheating on me with my best mate that I have known for 15 years?!" I exclaimed as my sadness was being replace with anger. She flinched as the words came out of my mouth.


"I-I'm so s-sorry" she said.


"No. No you're not. Something like this, I-I can't forgive you. Mya, we're done." I said and her blood shot eyes went wide.


"Calum don't be ridiculous. She loves you. It was my fault. We were caught up in the moment." said Josh stepping forward.


"N-no we weren't." said Mya, surprising both of us.


"Mya, what are you-" josh started but she cut him off.


"Cal is r-right. This isn't the first time we've d-done this. It's the 4th t-time."


"WHAT!?!" I yelled.


"MAYBE IF YOU WERN'T SUCH AN AWFUL BOYFRIEND I WOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO THIS!!" she exclaimed but looked like she regretted it and covered her mouth with her hand. I was taken aback.


"How...Just how can you even say that. I gave you my everything. You were my whole world. I gave up my football championship that we lost because I wasn't there to go on a date I promised for you. When you got in a car crash I left my father's funeral to go to the hospital as soon as I heard the news. I bought you flowers and chocolate every single Friday. When you felt the need to cry, I was there. When you were hurting, I was there. How can you even say that?" I asked her sounding hurt, because I can't even begin to describe how much I was.


"Calum, I didn't m-"


"Stop. Just. Stop. We're done Mya. I hope you happy now".......


*Back to present*


"Are you alright?" Luke asked looking at me.


"umm.. Y-yeah. I'm ok" I lied and sent him a fake smile. He must have saw how depressed I was so he sent me a reassuring smile and dropped the subject just as the bell rang.


We went to lunch with Luke and the other guy who was Michael. We talked about why we moved here and stuff like that. While Luke was talking, I found myself staring at him. He looked over at me so I pretended that I was eating my pizza. Hope he didn't catch me. Why was I even staring at him? We finished and went to the rest of my classes, and I had one with Luke, one with Ashton, and two Michael. After the last bell rang I met up with the three boys at Ashtons car.


"So how did you guys like your first day?" Michael asks us.


"It was pretty good. Had a couple girls that couldn't keep their hands off of me though..." Ashton replies as he shudders at the thought which made us all laugh.


"Well we got to go see you guys tomorrow" Ashton says and he shoots me a worried look.


"Bye" they said in union. After I got in the passenger side and Ash got in the drivers.


"Talk" he simply says but sternly. I sigh.


"I was just.... thinking about... Mya" I said quietly as more tears came to my eyes. Ash's eyes soften and he pulls me into a hug as I squeeze my eyes shut and more tears role down. I cry into Ashton's chest for a couple minutes, and I pull away looking at his tear soaked shirt.


"S-sorry" I whispered.


"Don't you dare be sorry." he said lifting my chin up, making me look at him.


"But you do need to forget about her. I know it will take a while and it wont be easy, and I don't know what you've been going through, but she wasn't worth it. She didn't realize what she had until she lost it. You know I'll always be here for you." he said and giving me a small smile.


"Thanks. I know you will. It's just-"


"Just what?"


"I wonder sometimes what it would be like if I hadn't caught her. I would have still been with her and be living a happy life. Me and Josh would still be best mates. Maybe she was right when she called me an awful boyfriend." I mumbled looking down.


"Bullshit. You wouldn't have been with her long considering she was an awful girlfriend and you did the best you could. She was lucky to have you and didn't realize it."


"Thanks Ash. I love you"


"Love you too bro." We drove to the house and got out. I hope tomorrow will be a little better than today was.

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