It all started with when blue eyes met brown........


6. Calums Secret Crush

Michael POV


Ashton has been acting kinda weird today. I couldn't stand it any more so I said,


"Alright mate. What's wrong with you?" and instead of telling me there he took my arm and dragged me away leaving Luke and Calum alone.


"Alright. I can't keep this in anymore, it is eating me away. Yesterday I called you and you picked up."


"No I didn't" I said confused.


"Yes you did but I guess you didn't realize it. I heard you and Ashton talking about umm- how do I say this- Ashton liking Calum." My eyes went wide. Oh shit.


"uhhhh-" is all my bright self could manage. Mental face palm.


"Don't worry I didn't tell Calum because that would have been wrong. I just needed to tell you."


"Yeah ok. Don't tell Ash or he'll kill me." I told him. He just nodded. We walked back to the boys and they asked us what we were talking about but we said we would tell them later. So when we got to 6 period where me and Ash had a class alone together we talked about the other two boys.


"Calum isn't gay, is he?" I asked dreading the answer for my best friend.


"Actually I'm not sure. I have a strong feeling he is bisexual, because of the way he looks at Ashton. He looks at him like you would think you would look at some Greek god. I bet that's what he compares Luke to" He said smirking.

"He wont shut up about Luke!!"


"Luke wont shut up about Cal!!" I replied and we both laughed. Then the bell rings.


"If Cal likes Luke like that, I think they would be so cute together" I said as we walked out of class.


"Who would look really cute together?" Calum asks as he and Luke walk up behind us.


"Uhhh- Calum and that other new girl Diana." I lied and I knew immediately that was a really bad lie to say infront of Luke because his smile slowly melted away as he looked at the ground. Calum blushed.


"Naw. I've met her and let me tell you she looks sweet on the outside but when you piss her off, lets just say you think you're in a wrestling match" he chuckled and I saw Luke let out some air that he seemed to be holding in. I smiled at him.


"Yeah so do you like anyone?" I asked him trying to get info out for Luke. Calums face got very red as he quickly looked at Luke who was watching him like a hawk.


"Umm- I want to keep him- or umm them a secret"


"Please just give us a hint."


"Ok. Well, I really care about them and if anything happened to him- I-I mean them I don't know If I could keep going at life." Me and Ash exchanged looks when we kept noticing that he was saying 'he'. Also They haven't been here for a while so it has to be someone he has know since the first day he got here, and that could only be one person. Luke. 

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