It all started with when blue eyes met brown........


2. Angle With Brown Eyes

Lukes POV


Hey. So my name is Luke and my best mate is Michael. We've known eachother since we were in kindergarten and have been by eachothers sides since. Some stuff about me:, I'm blonde and blue eyed, have a lip ring, tall as fuck, go to Meeria Johnsons High School, best mate is Mikey, and well, I'm kinda gay. Yes Michael knows and there is ne way in hell I will hit on him ever. There are no gay guys at my school, so that sucks for me. Anyways.....


"Luke!! Get your blonde ass down those stairs or we're going to be late to school!!!" Michael yells from somewhere downstairs. I was in my bedroom fixing my hair into a quaff. Perfect. I looked at myself satisfied and rushed down the stairs to meet a pissed of Michael. Not a pretty sight in the morning, let me tell ya.


"Bout time" he says and laughs at me. He handed me my school bag and we walk out to my car. I slip into the drivers seat as he slides into the passenger. After a second or two of silence Michael turns the radio on and 'American Idiot' by Green Day comes on. Being the weird people we are, we sing it all the way to school since I live only a couple streets away from the school. You wondering why I don't just walk? Well its because I'm a lazy ass. I park the car and hop out and so does Michael. We walk in and are shot flirty glances by the girls. We were the 'cool' ones around here. If only they knew i was gay, I thought. I sigh as I walk away from Michael to go to my locker. As I was getting the books for math out, Jamie, the head cheerleader, walked over to me. I groaned inwardly.


"Well heya Luke" She says as she puts her hand on my chest.


"umm- hi" I said as I took her hand off of me.


"Playing hard to get, I see? Well I can change that" she whispers leaning in but I duck and walk away from her as I heard her cuss me out and say that I don't know what I'm losing. Yeah actually, I do. A crazy psycho bitch cheerleader that want me to date her. Not gonna happen, I thought. I walk in and take my seat in the back of the classroom as the bell rings and Mrs.Brown, the teacher, walks in.


"good morning class." she says all bubbly. "Today you will be working with your partner on pages 72-84." I look over and see a really cute guy sitting across from me. I smile at him and he smiles back. I got out my work book and opened it up to page 72.


"So, what's your name?" he  asks casually while looking over the work page.


"Luke" I told him and he looks up.


"I'm Brandon." He held out his hand and I get a little nervous. I reach across the table and gently shake his hand.


"I'm not gonna bite" he says. he laughs and scoots to the seat next to me. I grow even more nervous than before and take in a long deep breath.


"You ok?" he asked.


"Y-yeah. I'm fine. Lets just get to work." he nods and we work on the page until the end of class. I get up and speed walk towards Mikey locker only to find him there.


"Mikey!!" I yell and he looks up confused as to why I'm yelling for him.


"What's up mate?"


"Well, there is this really cute guy that sits infront of me in math and now we have to work together and I don't want to make a fool out of myself." I say all in one breath.


"Well, ok. Just be yourself. That way if he doesn't like you then you know it wasn't meant to be and if he does, then you never know" he says smirking while taking his French book out of his locker. We start to walk to mine so i can get my French books as well because we have next class together.


"Yeah, its not as easy as you think" I say. "When you like guys, like me, its harder to be yourself around them than it would be if you liked a girl." he just sighs and shakes his head.


"This is why I'm straight. It's not as complicated" he chuckles. We walk to French class and the teacher walks in behind us.


"Aright class!! We have two new students here today. They are brothers and I would like you to be nice to them." she says as a cute kid with blondish curly hair walks in. He is followed by and Angle. Brown hair with blonde streaks, chocolaty brown eyes, small dimples, and he is just perfect. Michael whacks the back of my head noticing that I'm staring.


"What the hell was that for?!" I whisper shouted.


"You know why" he chuckled at me. I just roll my eyes in response. Then my heart starts to race as the angle plops down next to me.


"Hey. I'm Calum" he whispers to me and I look at him an nod, smiling.


"Hey. I'm Luke" I said calmly and stuck my hand out and he shook it. Where the hell is all this calmness coming from?? Ah. I bet its the calm before the storm. Then the teacher rants on about cells or something but all I could think about was Calum. Calum the Angle. He looked like he was lost in thought, but it wasn't a pleasant one because he had tears in his eyes.


"Are you alright?" I asked him with concern in my voice. That seemed to bring him back.


"Umm.. Y-yeah. I'm fine" he shot me a fake smile and I sent one back to him. I hope I didn't do anything wrong, I thought. The bell rings and we all walk out and head to lunch.


"Do you want to sit with me and Michael at lunch?" I ask Calum and the curly haired guy.


"Sur sounds good" Calum says. We make our way over to our usual table after we all got our lunch.


"So I never got your name" I said pointing at the curly kid.


"Ashton" he says. I nod.


"So what brings you guys here?" Mikey asks.


"Well our parents got divorced and our Mum mover here, so we wanted to come with her."


"Oh. I hope it gets better. My parents got divorced when I was 8, so I've been there, done that. It all turns out good." I smile at them reassuringly. I swear I notice Calum staring at me, but when I look over he's eating his pizza. Weird, I thought. We finished our lunch and walked to our next class. Ashton has math, Mikey has chemistry, and Calum and I both have science. Wait what. I have my next class alone with Calum?!? God I'm so screwed. Michael pats my shoulder and sends me a small smile because he knows what's going on. Well, lets see if this is a good or a bad thing I thought as I walked into class.

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