It all started with when blue eyes met brown........


8. A Band?

Recap of last chapter:

Ashton and Michael formed a plan to get Calum and Luke alone. They went out of the house and went to do some guys activities together. Meanwhile, Luke expressed his feelings  to Calum and Luke thought that he now hated him. When in reality, Calum like Luke back. They ended up kissing and making out and some other stuff. In the end, Luke asked Calum to be his and Calum said yes. So now Luke and Calum are dating, but not boyfriend and boyfriend yet.




Michaels POV



Ash and I had just left the house hoping and praying that Calum and Luke would get together already. We did some window shopping at a music store and went to get some more Starbucks. After about 45 minutes, we decided to head back. In the car, we blasted Blink 182 and Green Day. Michael almost got us killed because he was too busy playing his air guitar. I literally had to grab the steering wheel and pull us back to the right lane before we could die!!



"REALLY MIKEY??" Ash yelled over the music.






"I KNOWTHAT DUMBASS!!" he yelled back, but I just rolled my eyes. Eventually we got back to the house, and we walked up to the house. He stuck  the key in the lock, but before turning it, he asked me hopefully,



"Do you think any thing happened while we were gone?"



"Honestly," I started as I pushed the door open, "I don't-" I was cut off my moaning coming from up stairs. We looked at eachother with wide eyes.



"On second thought, I kinda think something happened while we were gone." I smirked.



"Eww I really didn't need to hear that!!" I put my hand over his mouth though. The moaning kept coming.



"Do you think that's Luke or Cal-" I started but Ashton threw his hands up and walked away after saying,



"I really don't want to know." I chuckled and followed him into the kitchen. When I got there Ash already had 2 pieces of cold pizza on his plate. I went to reach for some but he slapped my hand away.



"Hey!" I protested.



"MY PIZZA!!" he screamed as he picked up the box and ran into the living room.



"Oh, its so on Irwin" I said chasing after him while we were both laughing. We ran around the living room, home gym, game room, basement, and kitchen (because they were a little rich) until he gave up and fell on the couch, out of breathe. I quickly hid behind it so he wouldn't see me and I didn't dare to even breath.



"Mikey?" he said. I didn't reply.



"Michael!!" he said louder as he got up and walked out of the game room to look for me, leaving the pizza box behind. I got up silently and sat down and started to eat his pizza. Then I heard him again,



"Where are yo-" but stopped when he saw me eating his pizza.



"Hey!!!" he whined. "That's mine!"



"You can share some, cant you?" I said smirking.



"Whatever." He plopped down next to me after getting the controls for Fiffa. We ate and played until we heard steps coming down the stairs. We paused the game and put smirks on our faces as we watched the two lover boys walking down the stairs hand-in-hand. They froze when they saw us.



"So" I started, "what happened while we were gone?" Calum rolled his eyes and Luke blushed a deep red as Cal tightened his grip on Lukes hand.



"Well, I asked Calum to go on a date with me, and he said yes." said Luke as Ash broke out into a huge grin and jumped up.






"Wait" I said and everyone looked at me.



"I wont believe it until I see it. Calum, kiss him." Luke turned towards Calum and grabbed hid face, and placed his lips firmly onto Cal's. They deepened it and Ash said,



"NO PDA!!!" They broke away smiling. I suddenly had the most random idea at the most random time.



"We should start a band" I said. They all looked at me like I had three heads.



"Well that was sudden" Cal says sarcastically.



"No seriously. Luke and I play guitar, Calum plays bass, and Ashton plays the drums. Me, Cal, and Luke also sing. So, why not." I said.



"That actually doesn't sound so crazy anymore" Cal says.



"I don't know" Luke starts but then looks at Calum who is giving him puppy dog eyes.



"Don't do that to me!! You know you always get what you want when you give me that face." he says and playfully glares. But that only made him deepen it and kiss him on the lips. After a couple seconds, Luke says,



"Fine" Calum jumps like 4 feet in the air and into Lukes arms. Luke picked him up bridal style and pecked his cheek. Ash said,



"Great!! When do we start?"












Sorry for the short chapter, the next one will be longer. I NEED YOU GUYS TO COMMENT PLEASE!!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA IF YA'LL EVEN LIKE THIS STORY AND IF I DON'T GET A SINGLE GOOD COMMENTgirlfriends for Cal and Luke. Love you all!!XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO





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