Those Nights At Rachel's

Welcome to the Those Nights at Rachel's . Come be a part of our community and spread knowledge, info and love towards Nikson, Expand, and Smashing_Render's fan game, based on the point-and-click horror game Five Nights at Freddy's which was developed by game developer, Scott Cawthon.


1. Welcome To The Game

(Night Guard) [Gets out of car] I HATE when I get fired because I was sick for one DAY, that's insane [opens door to house] god daMN IT!, well I guess I have to find a new job because I got fired from my original job at chucky cheese, rrrrAAA [throws all equipment at wall] my does my life keep decaying each time I do something wrong, it sucks, [its down on couch and looks at news paper] lets see, there's being a fire man, getting no money p/h how about no hay, because I need money, that's why I work hhhhhhh, TJOC, damn it, that's a game company to, aaAAWWww this sounds pretty flash to me TNAR, what a weird name, you get to be a night guard and do night shift every night, starts at 12:00PM, ends at 6:00AM, you get payed $25 P/H, not to bad for a job, sounds fun, I mite sine up for this to help out the company, [gets off couch and goes to laptop and sits back down on couch] ok, time to sign up for this nice and easy job [geos to TNAR wiki sign up page] wow, that's a lot of information that I need to no, well, I guess I have to read through this whole page for me to able to access this wiki were I get this job [15minestes later] oh, wow a lot of pointless information that I Don't Need To No, ok, well I'm done [presses "I read it all'] ok well I'm in the wiki page were I sign up [scrolls down the page and sees the sign up link] owww I'm so hipped [presses the link] Nice, so my job starts in 5 minutes ok that's not that long but FIVE MINUTES, I'm goanna be late, [shuts down laptop] oh god that's not that much time at all, they don't care how much time it takes don't they oh God [gets set for work] ok I think I'm ready [looks in mirror] I look good enough, shower yep, teeth flash, and the time is 11:56, nice, ops, almost forgot to check my new job location [checks on IPhone 6] ok now I no were the location is, I'm all set, lets hit the road [five minuets later, arrived at work] wow, this place looks like a dump, hope I don't get picked to be a garbage boy because that will really suck [gets out of car and walks to the front door and looks up] those nights at Rachel's?, I thought it was TNAR, ooooohhhhhhh, I get it now, well here it goes [opens front door] wow, this place is a d....

(Unknown) Hello there, what's your name, welcome those nights at Rachel's, come this way to start your First nightshift

(Night Guard) Oh, hello there, haha, I was goanna say what a nice.. place, who are you and why do you have a word squirrel outfit on you will a microphone, aren't  I allowed to see your face or something

(Unknown) no, your not allowed to see my face, at...all, any way ill show you around your new job that you will be working at

(Night Guard) Sweat, so... how long do I have each night I work here

(Unknown) [points at clock] in till that clock hits 6.00am, a bell will ring to say that your time is up and your shift is done, if not that means that there was a blackout in the power generator room [gives keys to Night guard to PG room] heres the keys to the door to enter the backup power generator room

(Night Guard) Nice [takes keys] ill use the back up power generator room at absolute necessary, sir   

(Unknown) good, don't call me sir just... call me, ummm... Fred ok,

(Night Guard) yes Fred, so, does my shift start now or what, do I get to do a nightshift today, or do I have to clean up all this mess and put away everything, please say that I don't, PLEASE please please

(Unknown) no, your not a garbage boy ok, but we do need some garbage boys around here, this place is a pigsty, your job starts soon, by the way you might want to change your time 11:39

(Night Guard) [looks at clock at looks at watch] ow, aaa... thanks, Fred

(Unknown) good now follow me [starts to walk] this is what you will be checking out time to time in your cam or just call the Turbine if you want it to have a fantasy name for this device, I just call it a cam [starts walking again] this is were you will be working in, this place has 2 doors, a cam, one courting that you need to close at time to time and it has a freezer with a lot of pizza in it so your in luck, also has microwave that does burn off power so you can use that if you need to

(Night Guard) micro wave, doors, pizzA, why do I need 2 doors for, wouldn't it just... burn off power and what's the point of having a courting that I need to close time to time?

(Unknown) you can find out the answers your self wile your doing your job, your job starts now so get comfy in your office chair and enjoy the action [disappears]

(Night Guard) [bell rings] wait is it 12:00am [checks the time] ...oh no


To Be Continued




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