Safe Haven

this is about a girl with a passion about horses and the will to save them from slaughter and abuse.


2. The horses!

Sapphire is Amanda's horse, hut we all "share" horses. She is a blue roan mare with a big attitude and doesn't want to be ridden a whole lot, lucky for her, we are usually to busy for riding!


Ghost is Greg's horse and he is very fun to be around! He loves people and will do anything for a treat! He is a grey thoroughbred gelding and was one of our first rescues, he was assigned to be retrained by Greg, but Greg fell in love and kept him!


Whiskey is the most beautiful horse you'll ever know! He is owned by me and he loves to go on trail rides. He is an Arabian black stallion with the longest most beautiful tail and has beautiful brown eyes that anyone would die for.


We actually breed whiskey sometimes and we paired him up with a flea bitten Arabian named Lex, short for Lexus creating the cutest little filly named Tesla. She has one wall eye and one brown and loves people. She is getting bigger every day!


We all love our horses and we all fall in love with every horses we rescue, but our horses will always be OUR horses.



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