Safe Haven

this is about a girl with a passion about horses and the will to save them from slaughter and abuse.


1. "Safe Haven Horse Rescue."

This is the story of me, my friends, and our horses. The horses here are named Sapphire who is a blue roan mare, Ghost, a grey stallion, and whiskey an Arabian bay. My Friends Greg and Amanda helped me start the Safe Haven Horse Rescue (SHHR) "for all breeds from the tiny Shetland to the huge draft." I just LOVE our logo! We started this rescue from an old (almost dead) barn. We rebuild the barn, made an arena for training, huge pastures and appropriate sized stables for all horses.


Author's note.

HEY!! This is my first book and would LOVE it if you corrected my mistakes, like not capitalizing sentences and other things like that. ALSO, if you have an idea that you think is really cool and would work in the story, tell me in the comments and i will try and work it in. But I do work with a couple chapters at a time and cant always change the chapter. 

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