Safe Haven

this is about a girl with a passion about horses and the will to save them from slaughter and abuse.


6. First Sightings.

"Sophia! Where are you we gotta go!" I promised Amanda that we would go on a ride in the morning. She is my alarm clock. sigh "Come on! You gotta get up! SOPHIA WE GOTTA GO!" Damn. she's got lungs. "Okay. okay. im getting up hold on." I say, eyes wide, stretching my arms to the side. "I have to go to the barn to get Sapphire ready, you know she's a pain with the girth." "Amanda, you dont even have breeches on." "Throw me those grey ones" She says with a angry look. "should I wear my bay ones or my black?" I'm not even looking at her and I know she is pointing at the black, she always does. "black" she stutters as she realizes I can't see her. We run out the door and head to the car to go to the barn. She looks so scared, but I know why. She hasn't ridden Sapphire much and never on a trail or near someone else. I hope she calms down before she gets to the barn. She must have read my mind. "I'm not scared. I'm excited to go with you on the trail. thanks for inviting me, you know that i love trails!" she exclaims as she smiles wearily at me.

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