The super silly seven

Abby, Bella, Cindy, Delilah, Evan, Frankie, and George met in kindergarten and have been close friends ever since. Oh and did we mention, they are blind?


1. Preface

Mrs. Andrews drove her four kids to a very fancy Christian private school in Raleigh North Carolina. With kids a year apart, they all would be starting school together. Her firstborn daughter, Adriana is eight and was giggling with her seven year old sister Anna. They looked alike and people thought they were twins. Her six year old daigyter was drawing happily. "Ashlyn, you might want to put that away." Aubrey said. "But mom, I want to finish." Ashlyn said, pouting. "You can finish later." Her mother said. Her youngest for a while, daughter Abbigail was still sleepy. When they appeared at the entrance, she kissed her three children and sent them off with the others. She got in line with Abby at the kindergarten entrance. A girl behind her was crying. A girl in front of her was singing loudly. "I'm going to kindergarten! I'm going to schooool!" Abby just looked sleepy.

Abby was born six weeks premature. She had no oxygen in her eyes and they didn't develop. Abby was a very cheerful little girl, happy and loving. When Abby met her teachers, she loved them instantly.

Abby was in the blocks center, playing by her self. Her mother already told her teachers, that she is blind and may need some help in some areas. They said it was fine, they had a lot of volunteers and assistance.

"Hi, can I play with you?" Another girl said. Her name is Bella Bakersfield, she has blond curly hair and green eyes. "Sure." Abby said. "I'm Bella." Bella said. "I'm Abby, I'm blind." She said. "Me too." Bella said. Both girls smiled at each other. Bailey Bakersfield smiled at Bella. Bailey has two daughters and was married twice. Her oldest daughter is Riley and she is fifteen. Both Aubrey and Bailey were talking about life when Cindy and her parents came in. Her parents looked like they were born in China. Cindy, however, looked like she was born in Florida. "Bye daddy." The girl said. Cora Conners smiled at her daughter. "Say it nicely baby." She said. "Oops sorry, bye bye daddy." Cindy said, smiling up at her father. Conrad smiled and kissed her. Cindy was adopted in to the Conners household when she was three months old. Her mother adopted two other girls who are blind. They both go to this school.

"Come on mom, I can't wait to see my friends." Danniella's daughter Emmy squealed as they dropped off Delilah. "Hold your horse, we got to get Delilah comfortable." She said, smiling at her two twin girls. Emmy and Delilah are totally different girls. Emmy goes to another kindergarten class, and Delilah goes to another. Emmy has red hair, while Delilah has blond, and Emmy is not blond.

Evan, Frankie and George are trepplets, They played with the girls, and they had a lot of fun. Soon the parents left.

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