Life in the 21'st century

Samantha Hightower is a "normal" 16 year old girl from the 21'st century. But one thing about her is that she really likes history, and learning about how people once lived, and what people in the past thought of as "normal". And then it hits her. In about 100 years, what she think of as "normal" is then no longer normal, and everything would be different. She's inspired to keep a journal about her "normal" life in hope future generations can get a good insight on how a "normal" teenager lived in the 21'st century. But things happen once she starts this journal and her everyday life changes drastically while she still manages to keep her journal.


1. Welcome!

Hi! (01-08-2016)

I’m Samantha Hightower (but everyone calls me Sam). I’m 16 years old currently in the year 2016, and I have currently what you would call a pretty normal or generic family for our time, consisting of:

My dad Tom Hightower(45). He’s a lawyer.

My mom Christi Hightower(41). She’s a stay at home mom and is homeschooling my little sister.

My big brother Ricky Hightower(17). He’s a high school student, and on the basketball team.

Then there’s me Samantha Hightower(Just turned 16 YAY :D). I’m also a high school student and I’m a cheerleader.

And last but not least my little sister Jennifer Hightower(11). She’s in middle school, but is homeschooled by our mom, so she has time for her gymnastics.

Soooooo I decided to keep this journal because I personally think it’s very interesting to read and learn about people’s lives from before our time, and I wanted to write about how my everyday life (the life of a normal teenager) is.

Okay, now… Uhm… What to write… Haha lol (lol=laughing out loud if you didn’t know).

School starts soon… If I want to… I’m starting my second to last year of high school, and I’m sure it’s gonna be great and all, but I’m kinda nervous to see Brady again. Brady is my crush and he’s in the same grade as me. Right before summer I REALLY embarrassed me right in front him. When I went to hand in my books which I didn’t need any more I tripped over NOTHING and I dropped all my books. It was sooooooooooo embarrassing! I hurried gathering all my books and then stood up where he then stood right in front of me, and he said while he giggled: “Hey, I saw you trip and wanted to help you with your books but you were so quick getting up again. Hey aren’t your name Samantha or something? Where have I seen you before?”.

After that I basically fainted and everything went black… No jk(just kidding), but I was speechless. I then, after some awkward silence, stuttered that I was a cheerleader, and he said: “Oh yeah! I’m on the football team. I need to get to practice, but I guess I’ll see you around? See ya!”

As I didn’t already know that he was on the football team… Haha that’s funny. That is the only time I have ever talked to him, and I remember every word. He won’t even recognize me when school start again… But oh well… At least I’ll still have my friends.

I think that was enough for today. Mom is calling that dinner is ready. See ya next time I write.

Love Sam <3


Btw(By the way) This is a picture of my family :)

From left (Jennifer "Jenni", Ricky, Christi, Tom, and me Samantha "Sam").


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