Life in the 21'st century

Samantha Hightower is a "normal" 16 year old girl from the 21'st century. But one thing about her is that she really likes history, and learning about how people once lived, and what people in the past thought of as "normal". And then it hits her. In about 100 years, what she think of as "normal" is then no longer normal, and everything would be different. She's inspired to keep a journal about her "normal" life in hope future generations can get a good insight on how a "normal" teenager lived in the 21'st century. But things happen once she starts this journal and her everyday life changes drastically while she still manages to keep her journal.


2. Siblings...


Hi people who are reading this (or I hope someone is reading this).

Today there is only 4 more days until school starts! I’m so nervous, and excited at the same time. I know it’s just a stupid little thing, but I’m just so nervous!!! Anyways… Ricky (my big brother), is soooo annoying right now. He keeps warning me how hard this year is going to be regarding schoolwork, and he also keeps making fun of me, because I’m too afraid to talk to Brad… I think it’s really unfair… I’m the total opposite of him, when it comes to being confident, and starting up a conversation with new people. Unlike me, is my brother in a long term relationship, with one of the most fucking beautiful girls in the world AND she’s nice. I’m considering just giving up on my love life, and start collecting cats.

But Jenni makes me happy. Seeing her little innocent mind and heart only focused towards her gymnastics, and friends with no bigger worries, then if she forgets her leotard. She’s such a sweetheart towards me, but I only think that’s the case because she’s so busy, so when we finally see each other there’s no time to fight or pick on each other. Which I guess is quite nice. Mom and dad is so proud of her, and sometimes I start regretting that I quit it. Yeah I was in gymnastics when I was little, but I stopped due to the gigantic pressure to be perfect all of the time, and because of bullying at the gym. So now I’m a cheerleader, and that’s great! I have a lot of friends and they’re all so accepting. It’s actually where I made my best friends Carly, Janice and Khloe. It’s funny because we’re all SO different, but together we just click.

Oh, but dinner is ready now. I gotta go!

I’ll tell you about Carly, Janice and Khloe later :)

Love Sam <3

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