Hey, guess what :: Lashton

Ashtray✨: Hey, guess what?

LucASS ��: What?

Ashtray ✨: I love you

Who knew boredom could blossom a friendship, but what Ashton wasn't expecting was to meet the boy of his dreams.


2. ::1::

Ashton's PoV

I lay on my bed; broken, sad, I felt so depressed and sluggish. I hadn't moved in days and my mum was starting to get worried.

"Ashton," she sighed softly, "why don't you do something; make friends, have fun, just please do something." The kind woman frowned at me seeing my face buried in my pillow. She hated seeing me sad, especially over a girl.

"I don't have friends, mum, you know that." I finally looked up, my eyes dull and holding as much sadness as a teenage boy can hold.

"Then make friends," she patted my knee and got up. "Just please, brighten up a bit." After that, she left leaving me with a great idea.


First chapter woo.

The kik messages are coming in the next chapter :)

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