Elements Of The Devil

In Today's world, every person is born with a power to control one of the four elements. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. A boy called who goes by the name Ash Emery. Is born with none of theses powers to control any of the four elements. Instead he comes to learn he is the controller of an entirely new element. The death element. He also comes to learn that he can control and manifest the most rare and power Purple lightning. But theses powers only mean trouble for Ash, Through is laughter and suspense. When he finds out about his strange appearance and powers and who his Dad really is, it just makes sense. Will he have to fight, or will it consume him, or go insane, or do all three.

--(This book will have strong Language and Sexual References, and Touching Themes, I have warned you!)--


4. Chapter 4 - Strange things


As the boys walked through the beautiful gardens outside the castle, Elliot was getting more and more excited wheres as Ash was getting more and more nervous.

"You know people wont like me." Ash exclaimed to Elliot 

"Well those people will miss out on a great friend." Elliot smiled and gave him a pat on the shoulder.

As they arrived at the large luscious green field with a massive beautiful water fountain in the middle. By the water fountain Ash spotted two girls who were standing apart from everyone else. Elliot spotted where Ash was spying, he grabbed Ash's wrist and pulled him towards them, Ash was struggling to pull back, God this boy is strong! Ash thought.

The first girl Ash spotted had beautiful, Black hair with Bright Blue eyes, the other girl had Bright Pink hair and Green eyes.

"Uh... Hi, Im guessing you guys are being left out too?" Elliot asked the two girls nervously itching his head.

The girl with pink hair nodded. "People are avoiding me and my friend just cause we are different, My name is Tatum and my friends name is Alexis." The girl with black hair gave a shy wave.

For a while now Ash had been mesmerized at the floor. Elliot poked him to get his attention. "This is my Friend Ash, and i am Elliot." Elliot nudged Ash.

Nice to meet you guys, i'm very hungry so i'm going to get some lunch, would you guys like to come with us?" Tatum asked them both, but mainly Elliot because  Ash was still staring at the floor.

Elliot nodded. As they headed inside the dining hall, they where greeted by the smell of all sorts of food. All four of them where staring in awe about how beautiful the dining hall was it had an arch ceiling, tall arch windows and huge food tables, covered in food and rinks. students dotted around the dining hall.

"This is so pretty!" Alexis squealed. 

Tatum laughed "Don't get too excited about the architecture, get excited about the food!"

The four of them sat down towards the front of the hall where the clusters of hot chocolate, water, homemade lemonade, cooked chicken, roast beef, all sorts of sandwiches and more was sitting. 

"I'm so hungry!" Elliot moaned in excitement. He started to grab all sorts of food piling up his plate untill he couldnt fit anymore on it.

"I thought i was hungry! you must be starving! Alexis Squealed.

Ash grinned to himself while still staring at the table. Alexis noticed him, why wasn't he looking up? she thought.

"Hey" Alexis nudged him to get his attention."Aren't you hungry?" Alexis asked him

Here we go Ash thought to himself, Ash looked up into Alexis beautiful blue eyes. and searched for a reaction.

Alexis look surprised at his red eyes, for a second then smiled. "look you're not the only one here who's different, sometimes it's good to be different, be your own person and all. My Grandma was a fairy and i'm a fairy but i don't know how i got this black hair as hers was bright pink" Alexis smiled again.

"Oh Okay... well now i know your not gonna run away or kill me. I'm gonna eat lots of food now." Ash manage to make a small smile.

After the four of them had lunch, they decided to go into the field and sit by the fountain. Tatum suggested we play Truths so that's what they did to past the time.

"I'm gonna go first!" Tatum shouted. 

"Ummmm... Elliot Have you got any siblings?" Tatum Asked.

Elliots expression immediately turned. "My brother died when i was young, so i don't have any sibling anymore."

"Oh My God, i'm so sorry." Tatum put her hand on his back.

"No, no its fine. I'm over it now." Elliot smiled but looked more like he was scrunching up his face.

"My turn, Ash Whats your favorite color?" Alexis Asked

"Red, but black is joint top." Ash laughed, he sounded a bit strange but no one thought of it.

"Whats your favorite Hobby." He asked back to Alexis.

"I love to draw, I love to draw portraits of people." Alexis blushed.

"Alexis whats your favorite game?" Tautum asked.

"Truths, Actually." Alexis laughed.

The game carried on for a while until the sun went down, everyone got tired of it. So they decided to go to the dining hall to have dinner.

When they all finished diner they said there goodbyes and went to their dorms. Ash sighed as he and Elliot went into his their dorm. After Elliot fell asleep, Ash got up to the window.

He look for his cosy jacket, he slipped it on and took out his pocket knife he had in his old jacket, he ran his finger on the blade, it gave him shivers, he looked up in the mirror and saw his eye turn a darker red. he ignored it though.

He walked quickly over to the window and opened it up, Elliot was secretly awake and watching Ash.

It was two floors high, he could withstand lots of pain without it damaging him that much for a human. He was also surprisingly strong and fast when he trained with his knife at home.

Ash sighed and creeped forward to make sure nobody was out of there rooms. They can't keep you cooped up in that small room, with your so called friend the voices in his head repeated. he shook his head trying to get them out.

Ash hissed and slid behind a tree as he saw a figure walk past in the dark up ahead. It was a girl about the same age as him 16, she walked into the moonlight. I recognised her as soon as she walked into the moonlight, her black long hair swaying in the light.

Ash silently crept over to Alexis, and sat down next to her on the grass. She jumped.

"What the fuck Ash, you scared me! Why are you here?" She questioned him furiously. She blushed straight after her questioning

"I can never sleep! there not keeping me in that room." Ash chuckled whilst nudging Alexis "I saw you here, so i thought you might want some company." He smiled at her beautiful eyes.

Alexis Broke out into small quiet giggles. Ash looked at her confused. "Hahaha-go-God your funny!" she managed to get out whilst breathing for air. "I struggle to sleep alot so i like to go for walks sometimes." She smiled back.

Ash smiled. He saw her in the moonlight, wow i guess its true about fairies being so beautiful. His cheeks were heating up as he was thinking. He managed to pull himself out of his thoughts, as he noticed he was staring at her, with Alexis giving him a strange look. His heart rate now zooming at a 100mph of embarrassment.

"Hey Ash... why do you have red eyes?" She asked sweetly. Ash stared in shock for a few moments.

"I don't find them scary, i find them interesting and kinda cute..." She trailed of as her face went red.

"Well my mum doesn't even look like me, when i ask how about my eyes she completely avoids the subject. I got demon freak, and im starting to believe this utter idiot." don't you mean DICK? his voice in his head questioned him. 

"Well i don't think your a demon freak, Ash, people used to bully me because they said i wasn't a normal fairy. I'm glad i met you." She smiled 

Ash, you are a freak just look at you! the voices in his head kept repeating. 

Ash grabbed his knife and pulled it out, suddenly the voices stopped, he placed it down besides him in the moonlight and was thinking of how beautiful the blade looked, glinting in the moonlight. What would people say if he was a demon freak carrying round a knife.

He realised he was laughing whilst staring at the blade. Alexis immediately gave him a worried look, she was worried he seems to be kinda insane sometimes... then he acts happy and sad... and why the hell is he carrying round a knife.

Ash Sighed. "I think i'm gonna go for a wak now i will see you tomorrow." He smiled, and went of with his hoodie up into the darkness of the woods.

Watching Ash walking of into the woods with the knife in his hand kinda made me worry for him. He was acting strange. She sighed and looked up at the stars and the moon and began thinking of what tomorrow could bring.



Hey, Its me Lucy this is probs gonna be the last update i do for a week just cause i'm going on holiday this week. I will talk to you soon hope your loving this story i definitely am. Is Ash going Insane or is it just a faze.  

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