Elements Of The Devil

In Today's world, every person is born with a power to control one of the four elements. Water, Wind, Fire and Earth. A boy called who goes by the name Ash Emery. Is born with none of theses powers to control any of the four elements. Instead he comes to learn he is the controller of an entirely new element. The death element. He also comes to learn that he can control and manifest the most rare and power Purple lightning. But theses powers only mean trouble for Ash, Through is laughter and suspense. When he finds out about his strange appearance and powers and who his Dad really is, it just makes sense. Will he have to fight, or will it consume him, or go insane, or do all three.

--(This book will have strong Language and Sexual References, and Touching Themes, I have warned you!)--


3. Chapter 3 - The Dorms


Ash and Elliot, fast paced towards the boy dorms, stopping at a few points to stop are stare at the beauty of the corridors of the grand castle. As they entered the boys dorms both Elliot and Ash had pure excitement on there faces.

The main living room of the boys dorm was filled with luscious brown leather sofas with fluffy cushions, with a large 32 inch TV with a huge but cosy lounge, and a cluster of sofas around the TV. dotted around the lounge where bookcases full of books, full of information and different elements. 

Ash followed Elliot up the winding grand oak staircase. As they got to their room, they worked out which was their room by the huge plaques on each dorm, they walked further up the stairs to a couple of dorms on the top floor.

Elliot poked Ash "Hey look,we seem to be roommates!" Elliot chuckled whilst point to plaques that said Ash Quinn and Elliot Emery. At least Ash wasn't being paired with a dick that he didn't know, or maybe thought he was an evil demon.

Ash sat on his bed with his luggage. sighing, he looked up to see a bigger TV than the one downstairs, and two oka draws to put their clothes in. Ash opened his luggage and started to unpack his clothes. he placed his class book and folders on a glass desk in the corner as well as Elliot.

Once they had both finished unpacking Ash picked up the TV remote and tuned on the TV, as soon as he sat down Elliot walked up to the remote and turned the TV off.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ash asked with a scowl on his face.

"Oh shut up, Ive got a better idea than watching TV, we could walk round the school grounds and meet some people!" Elliot replied with a smile on his face. Ash cringed by the idea of having to interact with people. Elliot noticed his face change, and had scrunched up, Elliot laughed.

"Common, people have to get used to those beautiful eyes of yours!" Elliot Laughed

"If things start to go bad, then I am getting out of there shorty!" Ash gave a nervous smile. 

With that, Elliot pulled Ash out of the doors, with Ash nearly tumbling over things.

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