PDQ Pretty Dramatic Queenbee's Clique eries

Middle schoolers Carter Copper Megan Ross Katy Gray Tessa List and new girl Sam Fox have one goal to be the most popular girls in school and wount let any thing get in there way.


1. Meet the girls


   Carter Copper- Richest girl in the city of Los Angels go's to Dellwood middle school and is head of the PDQ Pretty Dramatic Queenbee's.


   Megan Ross- Carters second in command of the PDQ will do anything to help Carter and make herself look good.


   Katy Gray- Loves to shop but is worried will her parents cut her from there cash but yet again she always comes up with a plan.


   Tessa List- Loves to hang with Carter, likes the same guy as Sam will do anything and what ever it takes to get him.


   Sam Fox- New girl in town and has already hit it off with the Alpha girls of Middle School, but has a crush on Josh Lee same as Tess what should she do will she get the guy?

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