Free Spirit

in which a girl and a boy have the adventure of their lives.


2. prologue


 The middle - aged woman observed the young girl on the sidewalk. Her eyebrows furrowed together, causing a small crease to form on her forehead, while she decided whether she should allow the girl on the bus or not. 

 "And you have no money?" the woman asked the girl. 

 "No ma'am, I'm sorry," the girl answered in a small voice. Her arms were crossed over her chest, her right hand gripping her pale green bomber jacket closer towards her.  A black bag that hung over her right shoulder was carrying makeup products, her passport, phone, and wallet, which was filled with over five hundred dollars, but she wasn't about to tell the bus lady that

 "Why don't you? You need money if you want to get places," the woman, whom was named Linda, told the girl. 

 Linda was already extremely tired, and it was only the fourteenth hour of this hot June day. Her job did not pay enough, but it was the best she had ever since her husband left her, with her kids, for another woman. 

 "My - my boyfriend never came home last night and when he finally did this morning, he was drunk and- and angry," the girl lied to Linda, stuttering. 

 The girl began to think about the family dog that had been put down when she was ten years old. Macie was name of the beautiful golden retriever. The thought caused her to tear up, making her false story even more believable. 

 "He accused me of cheating and he tried to hit me. He was able to slap me but when he pushed me up against one of the walls, I cracked a glass cup on top of his head and ran out," she continued. 

Relationship. Alcohol. Cheating. Abuse. 

 The girl's story seemed too familiar with Linda's and her heart began to ache for the poor girl. 

 "What's your name?" Linda asked the girl, whom was wiping tears off her rosy, plump cheeks. 

 "Charlotte. Or Charlie." 

 Another lie. 

 Her name was Brea Mendoza. 

 "Get on, Charlie," Linda motioned for her to board the bus. 

 Brea walked up the few steps, sat down in one of the front seats, and smiled to herself. 

 These weren't the first or last lies she would tell. And this bus was about to take her right towards her biggest adventure yet. 

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