Life is hard for Summer because her father Coilous Colenski is a killer and a thief and running from the police and fbi is quite difficult as well and when she finds the one she loves what will happen?


1. Summer Colenenski

Life is hard running from things like the police and FBI but at the moment I am sitting on the dining table while my father is talking on the phone then he hangs up and says "We have to meet some people okay?" He kisses me on the forehead and then I reply "Okay where though?" I get off the table and follow my father to his car and then we get into the car and he says "To a old cafe,"

"Why?" He srugges at me and he drives to the cafe can I just say that my father and I are vampires and I can heal people too but my father doesn't know at all and we go inside and I sit on one of the tables and then I ask my father "Can I check this place out?"

"Sure but stay safe,"

My father is a control freak he is so worry about me but doesn't worry about himself but I love him he also makes me keep a knife in my boots anyway I find the storage room and I see a whole heap of shelf and that about it so I go back out and see three large men but one of them is smaller and he look like my age and I just sit in the background and watch them and then it goes quite and I say "Father why are we here when there is cctv here?"

"Good question let's go,"

We all go exsept the tallest one of the men and then the building explodes then the boy runs follow and I say    "stay back!" then I run into the burning building and I drag the man out and I say "Wait let me do something first," so I bent and healed him and he wakes up after about five minutes my father says "how can you do that anyway we need to go to the club Summer you have to go with Tyler okay while I go with Charlie and Matthew cool?" I just nod and Tyler lets me dive his car

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