Harry Potter Truth or Dare

My name is Ashlyn, and I've kidnapped several characters from the Harry Potter fandom. I'm keeping them captive in my basement, and forcing them to play Truth or Dare with me.
I'm going to be making up the truths and dares, but I'll put in any truths or dares that you comment.


3. Chapter Three

Me: *Turns to readers* Okay, I'm sorry I got really behind, but I'm in a horrible mood right now, just thought I'd get something up. So, I am not going to be kind to the characters. Let's get started, shall we? Ron, truth or dare.

Ron: *gulp* Dare.

Me: I dare you to tell Hermione that you hate her and the meanest things you can come up with. By the way, she can't here this, so she will think it's just you deciding that you hate her.

Ron: No! I won't do that!

Me: Do you want to go where Kingsley is?

Ron: No...

Me: Then do it!

Ron: Fine. *turns to Hermione* Hermione, I hate you. You're a stupid, insufferable know-it-all and I never want to talk to you again.

Hermione: Ron, what-

Me: Hermione! Truth or dare?

Hermione: Truth.

Me: How do you feel about Ron? *hands her Veritaserum*

Hermione: *drinks Veritaserum* Well, before I thought he was a lovely person, and I liked him as rather more than a friend. But now, I don't think I ever want to see him again!

Me: Ooh, harsh. Voldemort, truth or dare?

Voldemort: dare

Me: I dare you to go pronounce to the universe that you are now in charge of the Order of the Phoenix, then turn yourself in to the Aurors. Don't worry, I can get you out.

Voldemort: Um...

Me: See you later! *poofs Voldemort to someplace where he can proclaim to the world* *turns to readers* Okay, this will take a while, so you get to find out what happens next chapter! Sorry this one was so short, but as I said, I'm not in a mood to be friendly. So, goodbye.

Everyone except Voldemort: Bye!

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