Harry Potter Truth or Dare

My name is Ashlyn, and I've kidnapped several characters from the Harry Potter fandom. I'm keeping them captive in my basement, and forcing them to play Truth or Dare with me.
I'm going to be making up the truths and dares, but I'll put in any truths or dares that you comment.


9. Chapter Nine

Me: Hello, Wiggleworms! I apologize for being gone so long, but I have been extremely busy with a BFF breakup. And then there's the fact of IT'S CHRISTMAS which has also had me very busy with shopping.  Also, something that Goldworm will be extremely relieved about, I have completely moved on from him! 

Draco: *sighs* Finally.

Me: Now, it's time for some TRUTH OR... DDDDAAAAAARRRRRREEEE!!!!

Invisible crowd: *cheers*

Me: *bows* Thank you, thank you. Now... Goldworm, truth or dare!

Draco: *gulps* Truth.

Me: You're so boring.

Draco: Truth.

Me: Fine. Who would you rather kiss, Bookworm or Snakeworm. 

Draco: *looks confused.*

Me: *rolls eyes* Hermione or Voldy!

Draco: Oh, Hermione.

Ron: *growls* back off, you jerk.

Hermione: Calm down, Ronald. 

Dumbledore: Excuse me, little girl,

Me: My name is Ashlyn, and I'm thirteen years old. I'm not a "little girl."

Dumbledore: Sorry. Excuse me, Ashlyn, could you tell me where we are, and why we're here?

Me: Well, *gasp* I don't have a wiggleworm name for you! *turns to readers* Someone, quick, comment a wiggleworm name for Dumbledore! *back to Dumbly* Anyway, you're in my basement, somewhere I won't tell you, to play Truth... or.... DDDDAAAARRRREEEE!

Invisible crowd: *cheers*

Dumbledore: Yes, but why us?

Me: Because. Harry Potter's my fav fandom. So I got some people from my fav fandom to play Truth... or...

Dumbledore: Don't.


Invisible crowd: *cheers*

Dumbledore: Does she always do this?

Luna: Well, she's usually very excitable, but she seems even more so today.

Dumbledore: Ah. Okay then.

Neville: Excuse me, Ashlyn, when are we allowed to leave?

Me: Never.

Neville: Draco just broke the rules.

Me: What?? *turns to readers* Well, I have to go track down and punish Draco, so I shall see you all later! Please comment truths and dares, this has mostly just been randomness because I have nothing to truth or dare these worms. So help me out! If nothing's happening, then I might have to shut this operation down. Anyway, see ya'll later! Bye!

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