Harry Potter Truth or Dare

My name is Ashlyn, and I've kidnapped several characters from the Harry Potter fandom. I'm keeping them captive in my basement, and forcing them to play Truth or Dare with me.
I'm going to be making up the truths and dares, but I'll put in any truths or dares that you comment.


5. Chapter Five

Me: *Walks into room and turns to readers* Okay, people, I need some comments. I'm not good at coming up with ideas for truths and dares, so if you could please comment so I have something to write that would be great.
Ron: When are you gonna bring You-Know-Who back?
Me: Okay, first of all, Ronald, watch your grammar. "Gonna" is not a word. You have to say "going to". Also, his name is *raises voice to shout* VOLDEMORT!!!!
Everyone except Harry, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Sirius and Remus: *winces*
Me: Right, well, I'm gonna go get Voldy out of Azkaban. BRB.
Thirty Minutes Later-----
Voldemort: *comes flying headfirst down the stairs, bumping on every step, and coming to rest in front of Ron, who screams and runs away*
Me: Man up, Ronald. Harry, truth or dare. 

Harry : *looks terrified* Umm... dare.

Me: Aww, I had a really good truth. Okay, I dare you to kiss Hermione in front of Ron. *turns to readers* Only the person who gets the dare can hear what I tell them to do, so Ron and Hermione don't know this is a dare. Oh, and Hermione's still mad at Ron. I should probably fix that... *turns to Hermione* Hermione, when Ron said all that stuff to you, it was just because I forced him to. So, stop being mad at him and be lovebirds agains. 

Hermione: Oh, ok. Sorry, Ron.

Ron: I'm sorry, too. I wouldn't have, but she's a creep who wants to destroy our lives. 

Me: Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Everyone: *Takes a step backwards*\

Me: Cowards. Okay, Harry, go.

Harry: *Kisses Hermione* 

Ron: *mouth drops to the floor* Oi! Get away from her! *walks up and punches Harry*

Harry: *punches Ron and continues to kiss Hermione*

Ron and Harry: *End up in a fist fight, with people on different sides*

Me: GO HARRY! I mean... Okay, break it u, break it up! *Turns to readers* Okay, I'm sorry, but I have to fix this. See you guys tomorrow. Ginny, send us off.

Ginny: FIGHT FIGHT FI- wait, what did you just ask me to do?

Me: Send us off. 

Ginny: Oh, right. *turns to readers* Okay, well, today was interesting, but now we have to stop my brother and boyfriend from killing each other. So, see you tomorrow! Bye, guys! *Turns back to fight* COME ON, MAKE HIM HURT, HARRY!

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