Fight to kill

Ella brown/Nakeshya Eaton was born into the faction Amity the peaceful but she feels like she doesn't belong in Amity and can't wait until the test but what will she choose??? and there are surprise in store for her but what are they???


21. Second results

Today is the day that the first stage is complete and I can see Natasha is so nervous about it getting cut but I don't think she will and we go to the training room and we wait for our results and Tobias and Eric deliver them 

1. Nakeshya 

2. Natasha 


4. Zane

5. Zoé

Then I look below the line and see Tyler's name in last and he has been cut from Dauntless and we wish him well and I hate to see him go but this is life and I say to Natasha "Hey you made it!" we hug each other and I look over at Eric and he nods at me and I smile then look down I hear a whisper "You like him,"

"No I don't I love him,"

"Awww," then she pokes me in the ribs and we walk away from the chalkboard and start to train

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