Fight to kill

Ella brown/Nakeshya Eaton was born into the faction Amity the peaceful but she feels like she doesn't belong in Amity and can't wait until the test but what will she choose??? and there are surprise in store for her but what are they???


3. Results


After the test Danika start to unplug the test equipment of me and her and she says 

"I'll be back in a second," She walks out of the room and goes for about five minutes and comes back and says "Well your test was remarkable Ella because your divergent," she gives me a minute to process what she just said and keeps continuing I must of look convulsed because she explains "in the first stage you grabbed the knife and killed the dog which means you could choose Dauntless or Abnegation or even Erudite and on the train you told the man the truth so Candor,"

"Well what your saying is that I can choose any faction I want?"

I look at her with a straight face and say "Yes Ella I am but you can not tell anyone that your Divergent okay? It has to be a secret I think you should go home and think about it,"

"Okay, thank you Danika," 

"No problem,"

I get up and walk out and she shows me another 

way out and I start to walk home and I have to go though the factionless part of town















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