Fight to kill

Ella brown/Nakeshya Eaton was born into the faction Amity the peaceful but she feels like she doesn't belong in Amity and can't wait until the test but what will she choose??? and there are surprise in store for her but what are they???


4. Mystery letter

when I get home I go to my room and sit on my bed and think about what Danika said and how I am divergent but what faction do I choose I can choose any of them Erudite Candor Abnegation Amity or Dauntless but what one to keep my mind off the topic I grab a book I got for my fifth birthday and I read it until the end of the book and the back cover is coming off and I see a piece of paper so I rip the red paper off and see a  letter and I read it 

Dear my Daughter Nakeshya       17th September 2055

I am your mother Evelyn Eaton I know I haven't been around for you it's because I can't stand my sisterAnna she hates me and I know she would kill me and I want to tell you that I was in Dauntless and I change to abnegation from Dauntless but my sister went toAmity people in Dauntless found out that I was Divergent and they sent you to my sister so she can raise you but the time you turn sixteen I dont know how old  I will be when you do your test and I hope you do well in your life and I hope you find the one you deserve and you have a brotherTobias

love from 

Your mother Evelyn Eaton

I am so happy that I have a letter from my mother and now I will do my mother proud and now I know what faction to choose




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