Fight to kill

Ella brown/Nakeshya Eaton was born into the faction Amity the peaceful but she feels like she doesn't belong in Amity and can't wait until the test but what will she choose??? and there are surprise in store for her but what are they???


12. First Results

Today we Find out our results for our first fight and we see Eric and he starts to talk "Today you will find out your results for your first fight this is the board you will see your name on, after the first stage if your name is under the red line you will be cut,"

"cut what's cut?"

"You will be factionless cut from dauntless,"

He presses a button on a remote and it shows our names I find mine

1. Nakeshya 

2. Zane

3. Cody

4. Zoe

5. May

Then I look under the line 

25. Natasha

26. Cameron 

27. Serbastian 

28. Reed

29. Kyle

30. Harley

Natasha sees her name and I hug her and she says "I'm failing,"

"No your not I'll help you if you want?"


We start to train and I help her fight and so does Tobias and Zane 

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