Fight to kill

Ella brown/Nakeshya Eaton was born into the faction Amity the peaceful but she feels like she doesn't belong in Amity and can't wait until the test but what will she choose??? and there are surprise in store for her but what are they???


18. Caught

When I wake up Eric put me on his bed and the covers over me and he is not next to me but he is doing something because I can hear him and then he releases that I am awake and he says "hey did you have fun last night?"

"Yeah I did, did you?"

"Yeah can I ask you something?"

"Sure what?"

he is so quiet I bearly heard him "What?"

"Will you be my girlfriend?"


He sits next to me and kisses me long and hard 

then he releases the time and he said he had to go he kissed me one more time and went I get up and dressed then try to sneak out but then I hear 

"Nikki is that you,"

"Yeah," I turn and see Natasha and I am glad that it wasn't my brother (Yesterday my brother

got out of hospital) but anyway then she says "Why are you in Eric's room?"


"Are you two dating?"

"Yes but do tell anyone!"

"Okay I won't,"

We walk to breakfast and Eric and I make eye contact a couple of times but that is it

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