The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


6. chapter 4

I awoke To the sunlight in my eye's, I suddenly felt sick with fear. I checked my phone it read 7:31am I got out of bed and changed into a vans shirt with black jeans and converse. I tied my brown hair back and re adjusted my shoelace. My dad walked into my room and started collecting my bed sheet's I sighed and pulled my suitcase out into the hall way. "Ready honey" my dad smiled at me, I noded and walked out the house my mom and sister were already camping the backseat when I got in the car so I sat next to my dad. He pulled away and we began our trip across the world.

We arrived at the airport and my mom and sister hurried of ahead trying to get to the shops past security, my dad struggled to get into the airport and my mom and sister had left, I grabbed my dad's hand and helped him over to security, "thanks honey" he smiled weakly at me, we passed security to see my mom and sister talking to a male bar tender, my mom was wearing a black and white butt hugging dress which showed everything bad, my dad started laughing "she thinks she's 20 agian" me and my dad laughed so hard he nearly fell on the floor.

"Ladies and gentlemen gate 6 flight to Sydney Australia is now open" my mom stood up, " okay you all have to carry my suticsases" my mom walked off towards the gate and left us to take her lauggage. Not to mention she had a bag for everything in our house, I didn't even knew we owned that many suitcases!!. We pulled her luggage to the airplane and put it in the hold and boarded the plane to head to Australia.

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