The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


4. chapter 3

Trying to pack was impossible, every piece of clothing I owned had a story, I picked up my nirvana shirt and held it close remering the day I bought it with Emily, we brought matching ones and walked around with them on all day, tears streamed down my face. I finished packing and starred at my bleak and now very boring room, my curtains had been taken down and replaced, all my pictures and posters had been stripped of the walls, I layed on my bed fiddling with my fingers, when my dad walked in.

"Honey, we're getting pizza is that ok?" I wiped the tears from my face, and cleared my throat, "yes" he smiled before pulling me into a hug "don't worry honey, you'll make new friends, your settle in fine, it's a new start for all of us..." He noded and walked out my room. I decided to take a shower to calm me down. The hot water helped relax my muscles and take the pain away, I got out and blow dryed my hair before putting on a oversized top and shorts. I examined my face in the mirror, my brown hair flopped at my collar bone, my green eyes and side fringe complimented my face, I pulled back a strand of loose hair behind my ear before getting into bed, I didn't fancy dinner and I wanted to take the pain away, I shut my eyes and fell into a light sleep.

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