The Locker

·CLOSED· Lily smith, 16, study's hard, is an artist and loves music , compared to Ashton. A drummer who doesn't study and is told if he doesn't change bad things will happen to him, but what happens when Lily finds herself moving to Australia?

And what will happen when she sees Ashton every day at her locker and what happens when the get to know each other?

(Ashton Irwin fan fiction)


1. Author's Note

Hey everyone,

I am not very good at intro's so I just thought I would explain everything now.

I have wanted to write a novel for quite a while now but have been waiting for the right time, I think my writing skills have got pretty good now so hopefully this will turn out okay. I am not very good at starting stories either so if you think it's pretty bad at the start it should get better.

Thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy :)

Lily XX

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