My love

Alexandra, other wise known as Alex, is 19 years old and has never been in a serious relationship. She had an elementary crush but never had the guts to tell him. Even though all of the other girls got to walk the track with there boyfriend. Alex thought it was stupid, but she was jealous. In middle she had a few boyfriends. But never in a relationship that lasted more than a week. p.s. I changed the ages of some of the people in the story so don't be mad


1. Chapter One

        "I thought being nineteen would be easy. I remember as a child I always thought that being a kid was rough. Yet, I was wrong. When you're a young adult woman, you're expected to find a guy, get married, have kids, in other words settle down. But I have always wanted to live a little, maybe have kids. But I want to have a job. I want to be a reporter, I want to travel, write about what I see. I don't want to find a guy, if I meet someone on the way that's one thing. But I don't want to be one of those girls that stops her life for a man. I'm not saying if you settle down that's wrong, I'm only saying that it's not the life I want." I close my journal. I take a deep breath and hop off my bed. I put my journal underneath my bed, in an old, black Adidas shoe box.


"What Mom?"

"Could you run your brother's shot records down to the middle school?"


I go to my closet and grab a black ankle sock and can only find a silver and pink striped one. I pull them on and grab my worn-out, black Converse. I jog down the stairs and grab but car keys, my Wonder Woman lego key chain jingles as I grasp them in my hand. I open up the door and walk out them shut it. Only to notice a letter from Villa Middle School. I opened it. "Ms. Jenna Love, your son, Benjamin Jonathan Love has one week to turn his shot records in," -Villa Middle School.

It only took about three minutes to drive to the school. I parked in front of a statue of the middle school's mascot, a viking. Not very original if you ask me, but not like it matters. I got out of my car and walked to the front office. There was only one staff member in the office, because school didn't start for another week. "Here is Benjamin Love's shot records." I told her. I looked in the corner, there was a young man that I didn't recognize at first. "Hey Ethan." I said causally. "Oh, Hey Alex." he smiled looking up from his phone. "What are you doin' here?" he asked me. "Turning in my brothers shot records." I told him. "Oh, are you glad that we don't have to go to school, or at least until September." he laughed. "Yeah, which college?" I asked. "Oh, I'm waiting another year." he told me. "Oh well that's cool." There was a pause of silence. "Well, I gotta go." I turned and started to walk to my car when I saw Ethan jogging over to me. "Wait! Alex!" I turned to him. "Grayson is having a party tonight, and, ummm, I was, uhh, wondering if you wanted to, rrr, go?" I barely understood what he was trying to say, "Of course I will go." 

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