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Lucia Messi ( yep THE Messi ) had a great life. She was one of the best players in Fc Barcelona's woman team, and had a great family. One day Leo introduced her to a new team player.... Neymar Jr Fell in love for the second he met her... How will Leo react on this? Hi everyone. My name is Anna and I am a HUGE fan of Neymar and Fc Barcelona. Okay so it's my first story so please bare with me... Also I'm from Denmark... Now your probably thinking " Denmark? Is that a country " well yeah it is, it's a small country in Europe right above Germany. Anyway my English isn't the best so don't judge me.


1. Chapter one

Lucia's pov:

"Luciaaaa wake up.... Lucia! LUCIA WAKE UP! " Lucia's eyes snapped open to see her annoying big brother looking down at her.

" Leo? What the hell are you doing? And how did you get into my apartment? " He smiled as he walked over to her window and dragged the curtains a side. Lucia moaned and closed her eyes as the sun lighted up the room.

" You always keep your spare Key under your doormat. " He started. " Now get your but up. We're going to camp nou remember? " She groaned. She had forgot all about morning practice with the guys. Leo wanted to introduce her to this new guy they just got on the team. She got up picked her training clothes, and got in the kitchen for the breakfast Leo had made for her.

" Here you go Luci. " He said pushing a plate over to her, with bacon and egg on it.

" Thank you. " She took the fork, and started eating.

" So, are you excited to meet Neymar. " 

" Yeah sure. I could always use a friend more. " she said smiling.

" Just friend remember? " He said while she groaned.

" Here it comes the do not date my teammate speech. " She said with a deep voice and chuckled.

" I mean it Luci... I don't want it. " He looked serious.

" I know i know. And don't worry, i'm not looking for a boyfriend right now. " 

" I'll bet you change your mind when you see him. " He said in a lower voice before taking a sip of he's coffe.

" Why? Is he hot? " She asked curious. He sat he's coffe down and came with a annoying smirk.

" That's your decision. " He looked at his arm watch. " We gotta get going. We don't wanna be late. " He said before he took his jacket and got up.

" I'm just gonna go grab my bag. " Lucia said and walked in her room and got her bag.

In the car

" So how old is he? " Lucia asked curious. 

" 21, and way to old for you. " He sad cold.

" I'm 19. " She looked at him annoyed.

" I know. " He answered.

" He is not to old for me. He is the youngest on the team as far as i know. " She said easily annoyed. It wasn't because she was planning something with him, it was just that Leo always picked out the guys for her, and she was so tired of it. She wanted to control her own love life.

" Well it doesn't the matter, cause you're not gonna date him because... " He started before getting erupted.

" Because he's your teammate blah blah I got it, but I don't care, i can date who I wanna date... And maybe I wanna date him, maybe I don't it doesn't matter, because you are not envolving yourself in my love life anymore... You are fired. " She finished off giving herself a satisfied smile.

" Fired? " He asked. " From what? " He said laughing.

" From... From. From what ever you was doing, I choose my own boyfriend. " The satisfied smile was back on her lips. " And if I wanna date your teammates, then I'm going to, bro. "

" Fine what ever, but remember I won't be there when the person you decide to date, breaks your heart... No no, I will be watching with that I said so look, and you will apologise, and I will laugh and... " 

" And you will get your butt kicked by Antonella, if you laugh at me when I just got dumped. " She finished for him laughing.

" Maybe... Yeah okay I will, then I will not laugh. I'll just smile. " He said proud. Lucia rolled her eyes. Why were he being so annoying, no one says she is gonna find a bad boyfriend. He is just being an over protective stupid older brother.

Few minutes later they arrived at camp nou... Finally she couldn't take a moment more of the over protective brother, she just wanted to be with her friends.

As they stepped into the station she saw that the guys where standing at the field talking, and probably waiting for the coach.

" Leo! Luci! Come on down here. " Louis Suarez yelled as they walked a little faster.
Lucia hugged him and said hi while fist bombing Marc bartra.

" How have you been Luci, I haven't seen you for like an month. " Louis said excited.

" Fine I guess, I've been training a lot with the team. " She answered smiling.

" Well it's nice seeing you again. " Marc said shy. Leo stood silence and just looked at he's feet.

" What the hell is wrong with you? " Louis asked Leo. 

" What? Nothing. " He answered giving Lucia a look she hated to get.

" We just had a small fight, that's all. " Lucia said since Leo clearly wasn't going to tell them.

" Why what happened?" Marc asked curious. 

 " She is just mad because I don't want her to date any of you guys. " Leo said snapping.

" Because he think you will dump me right away. " 

Luis and Marc shared a look before saying things like.

" Yeah we probably would. " 


" We are idiots when it comes to looove. " 
Leo gave them the killer look to tell them to stop it.

" Of course it's not you Luci, it's just how we are, cold, heartless idiots that is only thinking of... You know. " Marc answered fast so she didn't think that it has something to do with her.

" You two as well? " She asked looking at them with a weird look.

" Well I have a girlfriend, so... No. " Louis answered, nervous.

" Yeah totally. " Marc said without moving a muscle. Luis hit him on the arm.

" I mean... I respect women, and I would never hook up with one, and just never call them again. " He said trying to save himself. 

" Nice saved. " Leo said in a sarcastic tone. She started looking over to the other guys, where she could see one she hasn't seen before... A hot one. Leo noticed it.

" Come on lets go say hi. " He said, while walking over to him with Lucia right behind.

" Hey Neymar " Leo started waving at him. Neymar began to walk over at them.

" Ney this is my sister Luci. Luci this is Neymar. " Leo introduced. Neymar wasn't hot hot... He was gorgeous! I mean his hair, and his eyes... He was perfect.

" Hi. " He said shyly and shake her hand.

" Hi. " She said back awkwardly. She smiled while blushing a little.

" Luci is going on the women team... Team A " Leo said proud. It was Leo though who had taught her almost everything she know. Ever since they where little Leo had played football, and had showed Lucia some moves so she began to see the beauty of the sport.

" Really? For how long? " Neymar asked impressed.

" About two years, but Leo has taught me almost everything I know. " She answered looking up to her big brother. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder and smiled.

" Always so generous. " he said as the coach walked on the field.

" All right ladies today we are going to do training a little different. Instead of me yelling " girls " and " how weak can a man be " we will play a game the whole training time. " The guys started celebrate. 

" Alright shut it... Uuuuuuuh Leo aaaand Lucia? Are you going to play along. " Coach asked when he got his eyes on her.

" Of course I am " She said laughing with the other boys.

" Great then Leo and Lucia choose teams. " 

After five minutes they had chosen.

Leo team
- Neymar
- iniesta
- Gomes 
- Umtiti
- d Suarez  

Lucia team
- bartra
- Suarez 
- Pique
- turan
- digne

 They had played in about an half hour with no goals yet. Leo's team had the ball and iniesta played it to Neymar. He ran down the field with me by his side. I was waiting for a good time to tackle him. He started to slow down so it was a little bit easier for me to slide tackle him. As he fell to the ground the boys where going. 

" ooooooooooooooooh. " And she started laughing. She passed the ball to Suarez, who ran the other way to score. Lucia turned around to see Neymar sitting on the ground. She walked over to him and gave him a hand. He took it and got up.

" You okay? " She asked as they started to walk.

" Yeah... That was a good one. " He said smiling. She was glad he wasn't that kind of guy that got mad when he got beaten by a girl.

" Thank you and welcome on the team... The guys seems to like you. " She said as he looked down to her.

 " Yeah they are cool. " They watched as Marc  got tired of kicking to the ball, and picked it up and threw it in the goal.

" gooooaaaaaaal! " he screamed as Lucias team celebrated.

" Boooooo cheater. " Neymar yelled as Leo jumped on Marc so he fell, while he was yelling.

" YOURE JUST JEALOUSE BECAUSE IM BETTER AT SOCCER THAN YOU! " Denis and Gomez joined Leo and jumped on Marc while screaming. 


Lucia and Neymar started laughing hard while they where watching. Neymar stopped laughing.

" No one has the ball. " He said. Lucia looked around for it and saw it lay on the grass a few meters from the guys. She looked at Neymar who was looking at her. He smiled.

" Mine! " He yelled as he started running towards it.

" Over my dead body! " She yelled back laughing.

Thank you so much for reading my story! It mean a lot! I really hoped you liked it and if you did I would really really love to hear about it! Please comment and tell me what you think!<3 I am kind of weird, so if you want to, I would love to know where you live, so please write which town/city and country you live in, it would be so much fun to me... And give me notes maybe there is something I could do better ;)

Okay this was the first chapter! Yay. It was so much fun to write😱 And I'm totally new in this writing stories and that, so I hope that it was okay.

BTW... I'm from Denmark so if you saw some fails then sorry!😁

Btw you can also read it on watt pad

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