The Savior (Edited)

Ophelia Wilde is a nothing but a teenager who spends her day daydreaming about being a masked vigilante who saves the day. At least that's what she thinks.
But when she ends up on another planet on her birthday, her whole world is turned upside down. She gets unusual powers and it's up to her to decide what to do with it. The world needs saving. But can she be the savior that everyone needs? Or will she give people false hope and disappoint them? Those are questions only time will answer.
Join Ophelia in the never ending adventure and danger that comes in her way as she tries to make the world a better place.


3. Chapter 3

"Hey, Ophelia, where's Lincoln?" Nate asks me as rest of the team approaches
"He's trying to recover the footage with the help of someone." I tell them.
"Shouldn't we be the ones helping him with that?" Logan asks.
"I think he said something about the person helping him not wanting any company" I lie.
"I don't think there's much we could've helped him with." Camille says.
"Yeah, well, I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna go home" Nate says, as he starts walking to the parking lot. Logan and Camille also follow him there.
I make sure that no one's looking when I take my phone out and call Lincoln with the number he gave me.
"They're gone. Wanna tell me what your plan is?" I ask.
"You are gonna go to the person who's helping us, and I'll go to random places to see if someone's following me. " Lincoln says.
"Wow, that's a grand plan." I say, sarcastically
"You got something better?" Lincoln asks, clearly offended.
I sigh and give in, "Fine, I'll go meet the person you're talking about."
"Okay, but I have to warn you, its gonna be dangerous." Lincoln says.
"It's not like we have another choice. Now, where do we meet?" I ask.

I've been sitting in the car as the person who's gonna help us offered me a ride. I think it was more so the driver and the guard can keep an eye on me than them being friendly.  The only thing Lincoln told me that the person I'm going to meet is that they're a hacker who is on the run from the police. Apparently they owes Lincoln for helping her escape the police once. He wouldn't even tell me their gender. I don't really see the point in hiding the gender, if I'm gonna meet them anyways, but somehow it seems like a good idea to Lincoln.
The car finally stops next to a building I realize is an abandoned bank. The guard and I get out of the car while the driver drives off with the car. I follow the guard into the bank. As we go further in, we reach a room looked with a PIN code. The guard types in the code, and as we enter I see that there's no one in the room. The guard then moves a shelf to reveal a door in the wall. He opens the door and gestures for me to go first. I climb down the stairs and the guard follows me. We arrive at a room with guards standing in every corner. There are tables with high technology computers, each of them showing security footage of different places. At one of the tables is a girl who is busy typing. Ah, so the hacker is a girl. When she sees me, she speaks, "You must be Ophelia. Your uncle wants to know who planted the bomb in his lab. Its a good thing I hacked into his security cameras before the explosion. Now enough talking. Lets get down to business."
She furiously types and finally takes out the footage. My eyes widen as I see who puts the time bomb in the room. I had hoped that Lincoln would turn out to be wrong about someone in his team planting the bomb, but he wasn't.
"You look surprised. Betrayal hurts like a Bitch, doesn't it?" She says, as she takes out her phone and calls Lincoln.
"My job is done" She says.
"Well, Georgina, it better be." Lincoln says.
"Yeah, whatever. If you go to the police and tell them where I live, your little neice wouldn't live another day." She warns
"I figured that much. Oh, and Ophelia, I forgot to ask. Who is it?" Lincoln asks. I sigh and say, "Logan." He must be surprised, because he doesn't speak for a while. He just mutters and small "Oh" before ending the call.
"Great, now move along. The driver will take you back." Georgina says.
The guard then shows me the way outside.

"So what do we do now?" I ask my uncle.
"Honestly, I don't know. But we need to find proof that Logan put the bomb to turn him over to the police." He says.
"At least now we can tell Camille and Nate." I say.
"I'm not really sure about that. They've known Logan longer than they've known me. What if they choose to believe Logan over me." Lincoln says.
"Okay, well, Logan will attack, so we better be prepared before he does." I say.
" I have already thought of a plan." He says, before he vanishes off into another room. He comes back with a hair pin in his hand.
"There are small cameras in these. It will record, so if Logan should attack, there'll be enough evidence to get him into prison." He explains. I take the hair pin and put it on.
"So, what's the plan?." I say.
" I'll text Logan from my burner phone, saying I know he was the one behind the bomb and threaten to tell the police on him and tell him to meet you at the parking lot of the lab. You then go there to meet him and say that if he doesn't want someone else finding out, he has to do something for you. When he admits that it was him who planted the bomb, I'll send the footage to the police and they'll arrest him. What do you think?" Lincoln asks
I think about what he said and nod in approval.
"Then we better get to it." Lincoln says as he takes out a burner phone out if his back pocket.
"Why did you have a burner phone in your pocket?" I ask.
"I came up with this plan when you were meeting Georgina. Now, shall we start?" He asks.
Lincoln begins typing, but I can't see what he texted because he holds the phone high. I snatch the phone out of his hand to see what he texted.
"I know you were behind the bomb and I have proof. Meet me in the parking lot at midnight if you don't want anyone to know." The message says.

"Now we just have to wait until midnight." Lincoln says.

I wait in the parking lot for Logan to appear. I am currently wearing a black hoodie over the outfit I was wearing. I glance at my watch again. 12:13. Why isn't he here. I look around again and I suddenly see a figure walking toward me.
"Well, finally" I say with a sigh.
"Ophelia? Wait a minute, you're the one that send the message?" He asks in disbelief. "I can't believe you would do this."
"But then again, I can't believe you somehow switched the blood for my test and bombed the room with the security footage." I say
He rolls his eyes and asks,"What do you want?"
I hesitate. We never went over this part. He was supposed to be arrested before he got the chance to ask that question.
"I want to go back to Earth." I say, after a moment of thinking.
"This is all so that you can go back to Earth. If I remember correctly, when you were on Earth, you hated that planet." Logan says as he takes a step toward me.
"I thought this planet would be perfect, but it's not and now I want to go back and Lincoln doesn't understand." I say, trying to convince him. He seems to believe me, but then suddenly sees my hairpin. I can tell that he knows. Before I get the chance to run, he takes the pin put of my hair and throws it on the ground, crashing it. He then steps on it to make sure it's broken.
"You really thought you could fool me with that? I know those pins because I was the one that made them in the first place. You lied about having proof didn't you?" Logan says.
My heart rate doubles and I can't  think of anything to do. Just when I think I'm doomed, I hear police sirens. I let out a breath I didn't realize I had been holding. Logan attempts to run but is soon caught and handcuffed. I see Lincoln approach me with a smile.
"That was a brilliant plan. Giving me the pin that Logan made" I say sarcastically
"I thought it would be dark and he wouldn't notice."
"How did you get evidence?" I ask.
"Georgina helped me out. In exchange she wants something." Lincoln says.
"What does she want?" I ask.
"To join our team." He says.
"Well, then I guess we have a new team member" I say, a smile appearing on my face.
"I guess we do" Lincoln says, as we walk towards the lab.

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