The Savior (Edited)

Ophelia Wilde is a nothing but a teenager who spends her day daydreaming about being a masked vigilante who saves the day. At least that's what she thinks.
But when she ends up on another planet on her birthday, her whole world is turned upside down. She gets unusual powers and it's up to her to decide what to do with it. The world needs saving. But can she be the savior that everyone needs? Or will she give people false hope and disappoint them? Those are questions only time will answer.
Join Ophelia in the never ending adventure and danger that comes in her way as she tries to make the world a better place.


1. Chapter 1


My mom puts my birthday cake carefully on the table. It has the words "Happy Birthday" written over it, but not my name. My mom wanted to put my name on it too, but i refused. I kept on looking at my watch. Right now it's 11:59. One minute until my birthday. I make sure it's exactly midnight when i blow the candles and make a wish. The same wish I have been making since i was a child. To be a superhero. But, of course, it doesn't come true. It never does.

I wake up on the hard ground, feeling confused. How did I end up on the ground? I remember drifting off on my bed. I open my eyes, and at first the light is too bright to see anything, but I soon get accustomed to it. As I look around, I see a car. I realize that I'm not in my street, or even my city. I notice something familiar about this place, but I can't quite put my finger on it. And then it clicks. This is the exact same place that I had in my imaginations, where I was a superhero. There is not one difference. But how is this even possible. I try to think of an explanation to how I could possibly end up here but I can't think of one. This feels too real to be a dream.
Just as I stand up, I see a tall, old man (who is probably in his late 40's) approach me. As he comes near, he speaks,"Ophelia. We've been waiting for you. Welcome back"
What he says only confuses me more and doesn't explain anything.
"Who are you and why do you know my name? Where am I? What do you mean 'welcome back'? Have I been here before?" I ask, without a taking a breath.
"Those are a lot of questions. Why don't you come to my lab where you can clean up so I can explain everything to you? Get in the car" The man offers.
I had always been taught not to trust strangers, but seeing as how I didn't have much of a choice, I follow him to his car and sit down in the passenger seat. After a minute's ride, we finally reach what he calls his 'lab.' I thought that his lab would only be a small room with lots of chemicals, but it is actually a large building called "Researcher's labs." I assume that he is the founder of this lab, because as we go in, everyone greets him and calls him Professor Hollis. We finnaly reach his private lab. It is a large room with advanced technology computers in the middle of the room, a table with chemicals and test tubes on one side of the room and a table with injections and other equipments on the other side. Attached to a wall is a glass white board with equations written all over it. Professor Hollis takes a seat and I do the same. Then he begins explaining,"Ophelia, My name is Lincoln Hollis and I am your uncle. You were born here, but due to my experiments, you were accidentally sent to Earth."

"When you reached Earth, you lost all your memories of this place. After a while, you were adopted by a family. Ever since then I've been watching you and trying to communicate with you. You thought you had imaginations about this planet but those were actually my messages."
I think about what he just told me. It would make a lot of sense, but this is impossible.
"How do I know that you didn't just kidnap me and took me far away from my city just to prank me or something?" I ask.
"Then, how would I know that you imagined this place before? And that you were adopted? No one knows that except you and your mother." Professor Hollis tells me.
"Wait, how do you know those things? And if I 'accidentally' ended up on Earth, how did I come back here?" I ask
"I know these things because I invented a device that allows us to see what's happening on Earth. And you came back here because me and my team remade the portal through which you were sent and made sure that it worked perfect this time." Professor Hollis explains.
"There are still a lot of things I don't understand." I tell him.
"What if I told you that you could get your memories back. All the first five years that you spent on Romalis?" Professor Hollis asks. I assume that Romalis is the name of this "planet" he says we are on.
"Seriously, there's a device here which helps people recover their memories?" I ask.
"The technology on Romalis is much better than that on Earth. So what do you say, wanna get your memories back?" He asks.
"Sure, why not?" I say.
Now I can add "getting my memories back" to the list of all the crazy things I did today. This day just keeps on getting better and better.
"Wait, if all of this is true, I have to ask you something. In those... Uh, messages that you sent me, I had superpowers. Does that mean I really have superpowers, now that I'm here?" I ask.
"Well, according to my theory, you should. Right after I get your memories back, my team will test your blood to make sure." Professor Hollis says.

Something tells me that after I get my memories back, nothing will ever be the same.

So this is the first chapter. I don't know if I'm going too fast or something, but I have a nice story planned out. So please, keep on reading. And it would mean a lot to me if you vote, comment and share. Bye, for now!


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