Two in One :: Lashton

He liked two people;
One was a girl,
One was a boy.
Or so he thought.


2. ::1::

Ashton's PoV

"Ashton, hurry up!"

It was a rather chilly Monday morning and I was moving house despite protesting against it.

"I call dibs on the front seat." I shouted as I bolted to the car, opening the passenger seat door. I heard Harry and Lauren whine loudly making me chuckle mockingly.

My family and I were all squeezed into my mums blue car, it was a very old thing and the engine made a horrible crushing sound every time it drove over a bump. The boring grey seats had large holes in them making the yellow material inside spew out.

Without a sound I placed my earbuds in my ears, resting my head in the palm of my hand while staring out of the slightly dirty window. I watched as we drove away from my house, leaving the wonderful memories behind.

Obviously I didn't want to leave; it was all I've ever known and moving to a new and unfamiliar place seemed scary. I know change is supposed to be good and refreshing; saying goodbye to old memories and starting fresh, but I didn't want to. I liked where I lived, everyone knew everyone and the atmosphere was just lovely.

But it wasn't my choice.

"Ashton," I heard a soft voice whisper, shaking me a little. "We're here, wake up." Tiredly I opened my eyes and saw my mum who had a warm smile on her face. I rubbed my eyes languidly and climbs out, stretching.

The house was average size, it had a clean white door and the garden seemed to grow every beautiful flower in existence. The bricks were painted a charming aesthetic baby blue colour, and if I wasn't so drained I would have taken a picture.

I stood there staring up at the beautiful house in front of me, as men helped my mum bring our boxes into our new house. The blue house acted as the sky for the flowers.

After a few minutes I ran inside, speeding to the biggest room upstairs which luckily seemed unoccupied. To show it was mine, I took my jacket off and wrapped it around the door handle and walked down to get my boxes.



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