Who to choose?

Dylan smith is a 18 year old girl she has brown hair green and lives with her mom and her brother who hate her she gets kicked out by her mom and meets two special guys who will she pic?


1. Prologue

"Mom I'm home" yelled Dylan as she kicked off her black converse it's not as if you couldn't hear Dylan's mom Mrs smith yelling at her from a mile away but you could.. Dylan walked into the living room to see her mom stubbing over to Dylan "you better get good grades Dylan or your getting kicked out of this house you caused enough trouble!" Cried Mrs smith trying to stand up right, you could tell she had somthing to drink early "well at least I didn't drive my own husband away!" Shouted Dylan running upstairs to her bedroom and slamming the door. "Dylan what the hell" her brother max yelled as he barged into her room like it was his own "get out of my room max" max rolled his eyes "yea fine but mom is probably kick you out of here soon anyway so why would I care" he said slamming her door tears filled Dylan's eyes "I wish dad was here...."

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