Who to choose?

Dylan smith is a 18 year old girl she has brown hair green and lives with her mom and her brother who hate her she gets kicked out by her mom and meets two special guys who will she pic?


2. Ashton Irwin

I wake up to the sound of my mom yelling at me to wake up, she viciously throws my door open and tosses my lunch onto the bed "Dylan your going to be late" she says sternly walking out of my room, I'm guessing it is one of her good days today she isn't too mad, I quietly get up and open my closet I take out a grey tank top, black leggings, light blue converse and my light blue sweater and tied it around my waste "at least I have good clothes" I said picking up my converse and my lunch as I darted down the stairs "bye mom" i finished tying up my converse and headed towards the bus "hey Dylan" my Friedan Maxine patted a spot for me on the old bus seat I could hear the air in the seat as I sat down "did you hear Ashton is single again" Maxine whispered into my ear the words seemed to stay in my head "really how did you find out?" I asked with worry "I have my ways... Okay fine I heard cloe talking to her "squad" about him breaking her heart" Cloe is the most dumb and mean girl in our entire school of 400 students "oh my god Maxine you know I like Luke" I says quietly looking back after to check if anyone heard me "yea I know but just so you have more options you know up like one of the prettiest girls in school" "yea one of the prettiest" I say rolling my eyes 


*at school* 


"I better go to my locker" I tell Maxine as walk down the hall my on my phone my stupid borther keeps texting me telling me I'm going to fail the exam I have today BAM last I remember was bumping into something I don't know what "Ughh" I hear coming from beside me "are you okay?" I heard a voice say I looked up and there he was Ashton Irwin "yea I'm good" I say grabbing his hand he offered to help me up i watch him pick up my things and hand them to me "thank you" I say trying to hid the ringing on my phone from my borther messages "no problem Dlyan" I look at him with surprise that he knew my name "what you didn't think I knew your name?" Ashtin smired look at my phone "who keeps texting you?" Ashton sounded like he was demanding to know like as if I had a boyfriend "it's my stupid borther he keeps telling me I'm going to fail my exam today but he always does this so I guess I don't really care" I say with out even hesitating "wow he sounds rude" Ashton says narrowing his eyebrows "yea" I say shrugging my shoulders "well I better get going" Ashton and I say in unison I smirk "see you around" I laugh walking away I look back and Luke ran up to Ashton "oh my god who was that?" Look asked with stary eyes "her name is Dylan" ashtonsats watching me walk away "she's beautiful" Luke says smiling "yea I guess" Ashton says walking away angry at Luke because he likes her.

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