Mystery Sister

Justin Bieber and Caleb Molloy have been friends since birth. They lived next door to each other whilst they lived in Canada. Sadly and Slowly, Caleb and Justin drift apart. Suddenly Caleb get thrown back into Justin's life in a way that neither Justin and Caleb like...


1. P R O L O G U E


adj. Known by many people


For him, being famous wasn't all that fun.

Sure, he had thousands of amazing fans.

He could sing when ever he wanted without being bullied.

But he felt like, the real him, was slowly disappearing along with all friends and family.

To him, every screaming fan or every download of his album, a piece of the real him disappeared for ever.

And once, the one person he would die for, left him, he knew deep down that he was no longer him

Until he met one amazing person who changed his life forever

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