The Split Personality of Abby Green

Abby Green is a shy Ravenclaw, picked on by the four Gryffindor pranksters of the Marauders era. Jasmine Fire is Ravenclaw's resident rebel artist. She's never seen away from her studio, the empty classroom where she spends her free time. Both girls have had confrontations with the four boys, and both have something to hide.


3. Too Many Flowers

Jasmine sat at her desk in her studio, working on a sketch of a centaur in the forest.  It was the Sunday after Christmas, one of the few days where she didn't have any projects, orders, nothing. Jasmine took a sip of her hot chocolate and looked up as someone knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Jasmine called, setting down her drink. The door opened and Sirius Black walked in.

"Hi, Um..." Sirius tried, clearly not wanting to be there alone.

"If you have an order you would like placed, there is a piece of parchment on the door. If you have one you were hoping to pick up, the finished pieces are over there," Jasmine pointed to a stack of canvas, "If it's anything else, I'm closed on Sundays."  Jasmine finished and went back to sketching horse people.

"Um, I don't have any desires to pick up art. Um... James actually sent me, and," she looked up at him, wondering why he was still there, "He wants me to have you meet him by the painting of the dancing trolls on the seventh floor." He finished.

"Alright, I'll play along. When does he want he want me there?" Jasmine closed her sketchbook, giving up on getting him to leave.

"Um, now? I think? He never specified." Sirius said and Jasmine put her sketchbook and a few pencils into an old Quidditch bag and stood, going over all possible ways to make these boys pay if this was a prank.

"So, um... what were you working on?" Sirius tried to start a conversation as he lead her through the castle.

"A sketch." Jasmine said, annoyed.

"Cool. Do you like art?"


"Awesome. So do I!"

"Ok. James didn't happen to mention why he asked you to interrupt my afternoon? Did he?" Jasmine asked.


"Nevermind. I probably don't want to know." Jasmine said as they rounded the corner to the corridor where James had asked her to meet him.

James was standing in front of a large ornate wooden door, in his dress robes, holding a rose.

"Sirius said you wanted to see me?" Jasmine said, marching up to the boy.

"Yes. Right this way, please." James held the door open for her and Jasmine walked inside, or outside. What she thought was another empty classroom, or in the building at least,  was a forest clearing. There was a checkered blanket  laid out, and a waterfall off to one side that fell into a creek that meandered out of sight. The whole place was decorated in twinkling lights and the clearing was filled with flowers of every variety.

"I wasn't sure what you liked, so, I just asked it for something romantic." James explained and they both sat down on the blanket.

"It's fine, I guess. Is this supposed to be a date or a really elaborate prank?" Jasmine asked and James blushed.

"I don't think I would need a flower filled forest for a prank." He supplied.

"Um, ok. Yeah, this is awkward now," Jasmine stood up, "You are very kind, and I appreciate the gesture. However, I'm afraid I don't date on Sundays. I don't do much on Sundays actually, and usually you ask the girl before taking her out." Jasmine said and left, leaving James alone in the clearing.


Jasmine unlocked the door to her studio and walked inside.

"What happened?!" Jasmine dropped her bag and looked around. The office was covered in flowers. Live flowers sat it pots all over the floor, paintings of flowers papered the previously bare walls, seventeen bouquets of the things were crowded onto her desk, and a giant banner was stretched from one corner of the room to another, reading 'Will you go out with me?' in big scarlet and gold letters.

"Well, I won't be bored for a while." Jasmine muttered and fought her way to the storage room in the back. She ducked inside and was glad to discover there was one place not covered in roses and daisies. She plopped down onto her cot and let her mangled emotions run to the rest of her hair and not just to the streak of color she liked at the front. Jasmine laid back and closed her eyes, the constant color change giving her a head ach.

James Potter had tricked her into going on a date with him. He also convinced Remus, Sirius and Peter to fill her studio with flowers, and actually ask her out for him. Jasmine rubbed her face and temples, working through what had just happened. None of the possible explanations exactly worked in her favor, in fact, most would cause more problems than they solved.

Jasmine stood up and walked back into the room, determined to at the very least organize the hundreds of flowers.

"He asked me out. James Potter, the boy who has made my life miserable, asked me out." Jasmine muttered as she pulled down the banner and used a charm to clear it, leaving a large strip of blank paper in her hands. With another charm she rolled it up and put it in the closet.

"He tricked me into going on a date with him! I mean if it had been a dare or something I would have stayed, but really."  Jasmine used the same charm to clear the paintings and stack them neatly in the closet with the blank banner.

"Well," Jasmine waved her wand over one of the potted roses, "They seem to be one of those ever-blooms. They should still be good at Valentines day, but I can get rid of a few in a week or so." Jasmine started stacking the pots on every available surface, glad for a project that would take up the rest of her afternoon.

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